"Diverse Attitude Toward Daoist Ecological Thought and Enlightenment" Free Download

WEI DAI, Assumption University, Students

in this paper, the writer illustrates three diverse attitudes toward Daoist ecological thought: Some scholars believe that Daoism is helpful to provide useful resources and can be applied directly to solve environmental problems, and some remind us that we should integrate it into the overall Chinese culture when we learn Daoism and focus on the excavation of Daoist thought, while other scholars worry about the transplantation of culture from east to west, they are pessimistic about current situation of Chinese environment, and therefore, they are doubtful about Daoist contribution to the environment protection. But for the writer, Daoism contains abundant of ecological wisdom that can be helpful to solve environmental problems through creative interpretation.

"Theology and Disability: Reexamining Scripture as It Applies to Stuttering" Free Download
Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability (JCID) Vol. 5, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2016

DANIEL KOBLITZ, Regent University, School of Law, Students

Persons who stutter have struggled for centuries in ableist societies. As a result, they have experienced fear, anxiety, avoidance tendencies, and low self-esteem. This paper examines disability and stuttering in the context of the Old and New Testament, focusing on historical characters such as Jacob and Mephibosheth, and biblical principles such as those expressed by Jesus and the apostle Paul. In light of the disability theology suggested by scripture, the author suggests that we forge a more disability-friendly society, and also argues that people who stutter can find freedom and self-acceptance to live joyful and productive lives by being transformed by the love of God.


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