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2 Jan 1997 through 31 Mar 2015

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 34,244 Fuck
Christopher M. Fairman
Ohio State University (OSU) - Michael E. Moritz College of Law
Date posted to database: 17 Apr 2006
Last Revised: 10 Jan 2007
2 21,911 How to Read a Legal Opinion: A Guide for New Law Students
Orin S. Kerr
The George Washington University Law School
Date posted to database: 16 Jul 2008
Last Revised: 24 Mar 2015
3 11,090 Constitution-Making in Islamic Countries – A Theoretical Framework
Ebrahim Afsah
University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Law
Date posted to database: 1 Dec 2013
Last Revised: 1 Dec 2013
4 10,962 Specific and General Knowledge and Organizational Structure
Michael C. Jensen and William H. Meckling
Social Science Electronic Publishing (SSEP), Inc. and Simon School, University of Rochester (Deceased)
Date posted to database: 1 Sep 1995
Last Revised: 17 Jan 2011
5 10,856 Publishing Advice for Graduate Students
Thom Brooks
Durham University
Date posted to database: 18 Jan 2008
Last Revised: 5 Jan 2015
6 10,665 Piracy and Movie Revenues: Evidence from Megaupload: A Tale of the Long Tail?
Christian Peukert, Jörg Claussen and Tobias Kretschmer
University of Zurich - Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology, Copenhagen Business School - Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München - Faculty of Business Administration (Munich School of Management)
Date posted to database: 17 Nov 2012
Last Revised: 18 Nov 2013
7 9,636 Integrity: A Positive Model that Incorporates the Normative Phenomena of Morality, Ethics and Legality
Werner Erhard, Michael C. Jensen and Steve Zaffron
Independent, Social Science Electronic Publishing (SSEP), Inc. and Landmark Worldwide LLC
Date posted to database: 8 Sep 2006
Last Revised: 16 Nov 2014
8 8,921 Essay on Women Empowerment
Meetika Srivastava
affiliation not provided to SSRN
Date posted to database: 6 Oct 2009
Last Revised: 23 Oct 2009
9 8,772 Copyright and the World's Most Popular Song
Robert Brauneis
George Washington University - Law School
Date posted to database: 21 Mar 2008
Last Revised: 5 Jul 2013
10 8,092 The Skin In The Game Heuristic for Protection Against Tail Events
Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Constantine Sandis
New York University-Poly School of Engineering and Oxford Brookes University - Oxford Brooks
Date posted to database: 26 Jul 2013
Last Revised: 10 Jun 2014

RECENT TOP PAPERS for all papers first announced in the last 60 days
30 Jan 2015 through 31 Mar 2015

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 1,345 The Jurisprudence of Justice Antonin Scalia: A Response to Professor Bruce Allen Murphy and Professor Justin Driver
Steven G. Calabresi and Justin R. Braga
Northwestern University - School of Law and Brown University
Date posted to database: 25 Feb 2015
Last Revised: 4 Mar 2015
2 1,240 Corporate Speech and the First Amendment: History, Data, and Implications
John C. Coates, IV
Harvard Law School
Date posted to database: 9 Mar 2015
Last Revised: 9 Mar 2015
3 958 Do Not Cite or Circulate
Lee Anne Fennell
University of Chicago Law School
Date posted to database: 17 Feb 2015
Last Revised: 12 Mar 2015
4 590 Dividing 'Citizens United': The Case v. The Controversy
Laurence H. Tribe
Harvard Law School
Date posted to database: 11 Mar 2015
Last Revised: 11 Mar 2015
5 527 Philosophy of Law
Brian Leiter and Michael Sevel
University of Chicago and University of Sydney - Faculty of Law
Date posted to database: 7 Mar 2015
Last Revised: 8 Mar 2015
6 472 Citations, Justifications, and the Troubled State of Legal Scholarship: An Empirical Study
Jeffrey Lynch Harrison and Amy Rebecca Mashburn
University of Florida - Fredric G. Levin College of Law and University of Florida - Fredric G. Levin College of Law
Date posted to database: 26 Feb 2015
Last Revised: 17 Mar 2015
7 441 Arab Religious Skeptics Online: Anonymity, Autonomy, and Discourse in a Hostile Environment
Helmi Noman
Harvard University - Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Date posted to database: 6 Feb 2015
Last Revised: 6 Feb 2015
8 390 Attack When the World is Not Watching? International Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Ruben Durante and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
Sciences Po and Paris School of Economics
Date posted to database: 19 Feb 2015
Last Revised: 31 Mar 2015
9 390 Plausibility
Ivo Welch
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Date posted to database: 27 Feb 2015
Last Revised: 27 Feb 2015
10 345 Bill C-51 Backgrounder #4: The Terrorism Propaganda Provisions
Kent Roach and Craig Forcese
University of Toronto - Faculty of Law and University of Ottawa - Common Law Section
Date posted to database: 24 Feb 2015
Last Revised: 24 Feb 2015

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