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A: General Economics and Teaching

A00 - General

  A1 - General Economics
A10 - General
A11 - Role of Economics; Role of Economists; Market for Economists
A12 - Relation of Economics to Other Disciplines
A13 - Relation of Economics to Social Values
A14 - Sociology of Economics
A19 - Other

  A2 - Economic Education and Teaching of Economics
A20 - General
A21 - Pre-college
A22 - Undergraduate
A23 - Graduate
A29 - Other

  A3 - Collective Works
A30 - General
A31 - Collected Writings of Individuals
A32 - Collective Volumes
A33 - Handbooks
A39 - Other

B: Methodology and History of Economic Thought

B00 - General

  B1 - History of Economic Thought through 1925
B10 - General
B11 - Preclassical (Ancient, Medieval, Mercantilist, Physiocratic)
B12 - Classical (includes Adam Smith)
B13 - Neoclassical through 1925 (Austrian, Marshallian, Walrasian, Stockholm School)
B14 - Socialist; Marxist
B15 - Historical; Institutional; Evolutionary
B16 - Quantitative and Mathematical
B19 - Other

  B2 - History of Economic Thought since 1925
B20 - General
B21 - Microeconomics
B22 - Macroeconomics
B23 - Econometrics; Quantitative and Mathematical Studies
B24 - Socialist; Marxist; Sraffian
B25 - Historical; Institutional; Evolutionary; Austrian
B26 - Financial Economics
B29 - Other

  B3 - History of Economic Thought: Individuals
B30 - General
B31 - Individuals
B32 - Obituaries

  B4 - Economic Methodology
B40 - General
B41 - Economic Methodology
B49 - Other

  B5 - Current Heterodox Approaches
B50 - General
B51 - Socialist; Marxian; Sraffian
B52 - Institutional; Evolutionary
B53 - Austrian
B54 - Feminist Economics
B59 - Other

C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods

C00 - General
C01 - Econometrics
C02 - Mathematical Methods

  C1 - Econometric and Statistical Methods: General
C10 - General
C11 - Bayesian Analysis: General
C12 - Hypothesis Testing: General
C13 - Estimation: General
C14 - Semiparametric and Nonparametric Methods: General
C15 - Statistical Simulation Methods: General
C18 - Methodological Issues: General
C19 - Other

  C2 - Econometric Methods: Single Equation Models
C20 - General
C21 - Cross-Sectional Models; Spatial Models; Treatment Effect Models; Quantile Regressions
C22 - Time-Series Models; Dynamic Quantile Regressions; Dynamic Treatment Effect Models; Diffusion Processes
C23 - Panel Data Models; Spatio-temporal Models
C24 - Truncated and Censored Models; Switching Regression Models; Threshold Regression Models
C25 - Discrete Regression and Qualitative Choice Models; Discrete Regressors; Proportions; Probabilities
C26 - Instrumental Variables (IV) Estimation
C29 - Other

  C3 - Multiple or Simultaneous Equation Models; Multiple Variables
C30 - General
C31 - Cross-Sectional Models; Spatial Models; Treatment Effect Models; Quantile Regressions; Social Interaction Models
C32 - Time-Series Models; Dynamic Quantile Regressions; Dynamic Treatment Effect Models;
         Diffusion Processes; State Space Models
C33 - Panel Data Models; Spatio-temporal Models
C34 - Truncated and Censored Models; Switching Regression Models
C35 - Discrete Regression and Qualitative Choice Models; Discrete Regressors; Proportions
C36 - Instrumental Variables (IV) Estimation
C38 - Classification Methods; Cluster Analysis; Principal Components; Factor Models
C39 - Other

  C4 - Econometric and Statistical Methods: Special Topics
C40 - General
C41 - Duration Analysis; Optimal Timing Strategies
C43 - Index Numbers and Aggregation
C44 - Operations Research; Statistical Decision Theory
C45 - Neural Networks and Related Topics
C49 - Other

  C5 - Econometric Modeling
C50 - General
C51 - Model Construction and Estimation
C52 - Model Evaluation, Validation, and Selection
C53 - Forecasting and Prediction Methods; Simulation Methods
C54 - Quantitative Policy Modeling
C55 - Large Data Sets: Modeling and Analysis
C57 - Econometrics of Games and Auctions
C58 - Financial Econometrics
C59 - Other

  C6 - Mathematical Methods; Programming Models; Mathematical and Simulation Modeling
C60 - General
C61 - Optimization Techniques; Programming Models; Dynamic Analysis
C62 - Existence and Stability Conditions of Equilibrium
C63 - Computational Techniques; Simulation Modeling
C65 - Miscellaneous Mathematical Tools
C67 - Input-Output Models
C68 - Computable General Equilibrium Models
C69 - Other

  C7 - Game Theory and Bargaining Theory
C70 - General
C71 - Cooperative Games
C72 - Noncooperative Games
C73 - Stochastic and Dynamic Games; Evolutionary Games; Repeated Games
C78 - Bargaining Theory; Matching Theory
C79 - Other

  C8 - Data Collection and Data Estimation Methodology; Computer Programs
C80 - General
C81 - Methodology for Collecting, Estimating, and Organizing Microeconomic Data
C82 - Methodology for Collecting, Estimating, and Organizing Macroeconomic Data
C83 - Survey Methods; Sampling Methods
C87 - Econometric Software
C88 - Other Computer Software
C89 - Other

  C9 - Design of Experiments
C90 - General
C91 - Laboratory, Individual Behavior
C92 - Laboratory, Group Behavior
C93 - Field Experiments
C99 - Other

D: Microeconomics

D00 - General
D01 - Microeconomic Behavior: Underlying Principles
D02 - Institutions: Design, Formation, Operations, and Impact
D03 - Behavioral Microeconomics: Underlying Principles
D04 - Microeconomic Policy: Formulation, Implementation, and Evaluation

  D1 - Household Behavior
D10 - General
D11 - Consumer Economics: Theory
D12 - Consumer Economics: Empirical Analysis
D13 - Household Production and Intrahousehold Allocation
D14 - Household Saving; Personal Finance
D18 - Consumer Protection
D19 - Other

  D2 - Production and Organizations
D20 - General
D21 - Firm Behavior: Theory
D22 - Firm Behavior: Empirical Analysis
D23 - Organizational Behavior; Transaction Costs; Property Rights
D24 - Production; Cost; Capital; Capital, Total Factor, and Multifactor Productivity; Capacity
D29 - Other

  D3 - Distribution
D30 - General
D31 - Personal Income, Wealth, and Their Distributions
D33 - Factor Income Distribution
D39 - Other

  D4 - Market Structure, Pricing, and Design
D40 - General
D41 - Perfect Competition
D42 - Monopoly
D43 - Oligopoly and Other Forms of Market Imperfection
D44 - Auctions
D45 - Rationing; Licensing
D46 - Value Theory
D49 - Other

  D5 - General Equilibrium and Disequilibrium
D50 - General
D51 - Exchange and Production Economies
D52 - Incomplete Markets
D57 - Input–Output Tables and Analysis
D58 - Computable and Other Applied General Equilibrium Models
D59 - Other

  D6 - Economic Welfare
D60 - General
D61 - Allocative Efficiency; Cost-Benefit Analysis
D62 - Externalities
D63 - Equity, Justice, Inequality, and Other Normative Criteria and Measurement
D64 - Altruism; Philanthropy; Intergenerational Transfers†
D69 - Other

  D7 - Analysis of Collective Decision-Making
D70 - General
D71 - Social Choice; Clubs; Committees; Associations
D72 - Economic Models of Political Processes: Rent-Seeking,
         Elections, Legislatures, and Voting Behavior
D73 - Bureaucracy; Administrative Processes in Public Organizations; Corruption
D74 - Conflict; Conflict Resolution; Alliances; Revolutions
D78 - Positive Analysis of Policy-Making and Implementation
D79 - Other

  D8 - Information, Knowledge, and Uncertainty
D80 - General
D81 - Criteria for Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty
D82 - Asymmetric and Private Information; Mechanism Design
D83 - Search; Learning; Information and Knowledge; Communication; Belief; Unawareness
D84 - Expectations; Speculations
D85 - Network Formation and Analysis: Theory
D86 - Economics of Contract: Theory
D87 - Neuroeconomics
D89 - Other

  D9 - Intertemporal Choice
D90 - General
D91 - Intertemporal Household Choice; Life Cycle Models and Saving
D92 - Intertemporal Firm Choice, Investment, Capacity, and Financing
D99 - Other

E: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

E00 - General
E01 - Measurement and Data on National Income and Product Accounts and Wealth; Environmental Accounts
E02 - Institutions and the Macroeconomy
E03 - Behavioral Macroeconomics

  E1 - General Aggregative Models
E10 - General
E11 - Marxian; Sraffian; Kaleckiany
E12 - Keynes; Keynesian; Post-Keynesian
E13 - Neoclassical
E14 - Austrian; Evolutionary; Institutional
E16 - Social Accounting Matrix
E17 - Forecasting and Simulation: Models and Applications
E19 - Other

  E2 - Consumption, Saving, Production, Investment, Labor Markets, and Informal Economy
E20 - General
E21 - Consumption; Saving; Wealth
E22 - Investment; Capital; Intangible Capital; Capacity
E23 - Production
E24 - Employment; Unemployment; Wages; Intergenerational Income Distribution; Aggregate Human Capital;
         Aggregate Labor Productivity
E25 - Aggregate Factor Income Distribution
E27 - Forecasting and Simulation: Models and Applications
E29 - Other

  E3 - Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles
E30 - General
E31 - Price Level; Inflation; Deflation
E32 - Business Fluctuations; Cycles
E37 - Forecasting and Simulation: Models and Applications
E39 - Other

  E4 - Money and Interest Rates
E40 - General
E41 - Demand for Money
E42 - Monetary Systems; Standards; Regimes; Government and the Monetary System; Payment Systems
E43 - Interest Rates: Determination, Term Structure, and Effects
E44 - Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy
E47 - Forecasting and Simulation: Models and Applications
E49 - Other

  E5 - Monetary Policy, Central Banking, and the Supply of Money and Credit
E50 - General
E51 - Money Supply; Credit; Money Multipliers
E52 - Monetary Policy
E58 - Central Banks and Their Policies
E59 - Other

  E6 - Macroeconomic Policy, Macroeconomic Aspects of Public Finance, and General Outlook
E60 - General
E61 - Policy Objectives; Policy Designs and Consistency; Policy Coordination
E62 - Fiscal Policy
E63 - Comparative or Joint Analysis of Fiscal and Monetary Policy; Stabilization; Treasury Policy
E64 - Incomes Policy; Price Policy
E65 - Studies of Particular Policy Episodes
E66 - General Outlook and Conditions
E69 - Other

F: International Economics

F00 - General
F01 - Global Outlook
F02 - International Economic Order and Integration

  F1 - Trade
F10 - General
F11 - Neoclassical Models of Trade
F12 - Models of Trade with Imperfect Competition and Scale Economies; Fragmentation
F13 - Trade Policy; International Trade Organizations
F14 - Empirical Studies of Trade
F15 - Economic Integration
F16 - Trade and Labor Market Interactions
F17 - Trade Forecasting and Simulation
F18 - Trade and Environment
F19 - Other

  F2 - International Factor Movements and International Business
F20 - General
F21 - International Investment; Long-Term Capital Movements
F22 - International Migration
F23 - Multinational Firms; International Business
F24 - Remittances
F29 - Other

  F3 - International Finance
F30 - General
F31 - Foreign Exchange
F32 - Current Account Adjustment; Short-Term Capital Movements
F33 - International Monetary Arrangements and Institutions
F34 - International Lending and Debt Problems
F35 - Foreign Aid
F36 - Financial Aspects of Economic Integration
F37 - International Finance Forecasting and Simulation: Models and Applications
F38 - International Financial Policy: Financial Transactions Tax; Capital Controls
F39 - Other

  F4 - Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Finance
F40 - General
F41 - Open Economy Macroeconomics
F42 - International Policy Coordination and Transmission
F43 - Economic Growth of Open Economies
F44 - International Business Cycles
F45 - Macroeconomic Issues of Monetary Unions
F47 - Forecasting and Simulation: Models and Applications
F49 - Other

  F5 - International Relations, National Security, and International Political Economy
F50 - General
F51 - International Conflicts; Negotiations; Sanctions
F52 - National Security; Economic Nationalism
F53 - International Agreements and Observance; International Organizations
F54 - Colonialism; Imperialism; Postcolonialism
F55 - International Institutional Arrangements
F59 - Other

  F6 - Economic Impacts of Globalization
F60 - General
F61 - Microeconomic Impacts
F62 - Macroeconomic Impacts
F63 - Economic Development
F64 - Environment
F65 - Finance
F66 - Labor
F68 - Policy
F69 - Other

G: Financial Economics

G00 - General
G01 - Financial Crises
G02 - Behavioral Finance: Underlying Principles

  G1 - General Financial Markets
G10 - General
G11 - Portfolio Choice; Investment Decisions
G12 - Asset Pricing; Trading Volume; Bond Interest Rates
G13 - Contingent Pricing; Futures Pricing
G14 - Information and Market Efficiency; Event Studies; Insider Trading
G15 - International Financial Markets
G18 - Government Policy and Regulation
G19 - Other

  G2 - Financial Institutions and Services
G20 - General
G21 - Banks; Depository Institutions; Micro Finance Institutions; Mortgages
G22 - Insurance; Insurance Companies; Actuarial Studies
G23 - Non-bank Financial Institutions; Financial Instruments; Institutional Investors
G24 - Investment Banking; Venture Capital; Brokerage; Ratings and Ratings Agencies
G28 - Government Policy and Regulation
G29 - Other

  G3 - Corporate Finance and Governance
G30 - General
G31 - Capital Budgeting; Fixed Investment and Inventory Studies; Capacity
G32 - Financing Policy; Financial Risk and Risk Management; Capital and Ownership Structure; Value of Firms; Goodwill
G33 - Bankruptcy; Liquidation
G34 - Mergers; Acquisitions; Restructuring; Corporate Governance
G35 - Payout Policy
G38 - Government Policy and Regulation
G39 - Other

H: Public Economics

H00 - General

  H1 - Structure and Scope of Government
H10 - General
H11 - Structure and Scope of Government
H12 - Crisis Management
H13 - Economics of Eminent Domain; Expropriation; Nationalization
H19 - Other

  H2 - Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue
H20 - General
H21 - Efficiency; Optimal Taxation
H22 - Incidence
H23 - Externalities; Redistributive Effects; Environmental Taxes and Subsidies
H24 - Personal Income and Other Nonbusiness Taxes and Subsidies
H25 - Business Taxes and Subsidies
H26 - Tax Evasion and Avoidance
H27 - Other Sources of Revenue
H29 - Other

  H3 - Fiscal Policies and Behavior of Economic Agents
H30 - General
H31 - Household
H32 - Firm
H39 - Other

  H4 - Publicly Provided Goods
H40 - General
H41 - Public Goods
H42 - Publicly Provided Private Goods
H43 - Project Evaluation; Social Discount Rate
H44 - Publicly Provided Goods: Mixed Markets
H49 - Other

  H5 - National Government Expenditures and Related Policies
H50 - General
H51 - Government Expenditures and Health
H52 - Government Expenditures and Education
H53 - Government Expenditures and Welfare Programs
H54 - Infrastructures; Other Public Investment and Capital Stock
H55 - Social Security and Public Pensions
H56 - National Security and War
H57 - Procurement
H59 - Other

  H6 - National Budget, Deficit, and Debt
H60 - General
H61 - Budget; Budget Systems
H62 - Deficit; Surplus
H63 - Debt; Debt Management; Sovereign Debt
H68 - Forecasts of Budgets, Deficits, and Debt
H69 - Other

  H7 - State and Local Government; Intergovernmental Relations
H70 - General
H71 - State and Local Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue
H72 - State and Local Budget and Expenditures
H73 - Interjurisdictional Differentials and Their Effects
H74 - State and Local Borrowing
H75 - State and Local Government: Health; Education; Welfare; Public Pensions
H76 - State and Local Government: Other Expenditure Categories
H77 - Intergovernmental Relations
H79 - Other

  H8 - Miscellaneous Issues
H80 - General
H81 - Governmental Loans and Credits
H82 - Governmental Property
H83 - Public Administration; Public Sector Accounting and Audits
H84 - Disaster Aid
H87 - International Fiscal Issues; International Public Goods
H89 - Other

I: Health, Education, and Welfare

I00 - General

  I1 - Health
I10 - General
I11 - Analysis of Health Care Markets
I12 - Health Behavior
I13 - Health Insurance, Public and Private
I14 - Health and Inequality
I15 - Health and Economic Development
I18 - Government Policy; Regulation; Public Health
I19 - Other

  I2 - Education and Research Institutions
I20 - General
I21 - Analysis of Education
I22 - Educational Finance ; Financial Aid
I23 - Higher Education; Research Institutions
I24 - Education and Inequality
I25 - Education and Economic Development
I26 - Returns to Education
I28 - Government Policy
I29 - Other

  I3 - Welfare and Poverty
I30 - General
I31 - General Welfare; Basic Needs; Quality of Life
I32 - Measurement and Analysis of Poverty
I38 - Provision and Effects of Welfare Programs
I39 - Other

J: Labor and Demographic Economics

J00 - General
J01 - Labor Economics: General
J08 - Labor Economics Policies

  J1 - Demographic Economics
J10 - General
J11 - Demographic Trends, Macroeconomic Effects, and Forecasts
J12 - Marriage; Marital Dissolution; Family Structure
J13 - Fertility; Family Planning; Child Care; Children; Youth
J14 - Economics of the Elderly; Economics of the Handicapped; Non-Labor Market Discrimination
J15 - Economics of Minorities, Races, Indigenous Peoples, and Immigrants, Non-labor Discrimination
J16 - Economics of Gender; Non-labor Discrimination
J17 - Value of Life; Forgone Income
J18 - Public Policy
J19 - Other

  J2 - Demand and Supply of Labor
J20 - General
J21 - Labor Force and Employment, Size, and Structure
J22 - Time Allocation and Labor Supply
J23 - Labor Demand
J24 - Human Capital; Skills; Occupational Choice; Labor Productivity
J26 - Retirement; Retirement Policies
J28 - Safety; Job Satisfaction; Related Public Policy
J29 - Other

  J3 - Wages, Compensation, and Labor Costs
J30 - General
J31 - Wage Level and Structure; Wage Differentials
J32 - Nonwage Labor Costs and Benefits; Retirement Plans; Private Pensions
J33 - Compensation Packages; Payment Methods
J38 - Public Policy
J39 - Other

  J4 - Particular Labor Markets
J40 - General
J41 - Labor Contracts
J42 - Monopsony; Segmented Labor Markets
J43 - Agricultural Labor Markets
J44 - Professional Labor Markets; Occupational Licensing
J45 - Public Sector Labor Markets
J46 - Informal Labor Markets
J47 - Coercive Labor Markets
J48 - Public Policy
J49 - Other

  J5 - Labor-Management Relations, Trade Unions, and Collective Bargaining
J50 - General
J51 - Trade Unions: Objectives, Structure, and Effects
J52 - Dispute Resolution: Strikes, Arbitration, and Mediation; Collective Bargaining
J53 - Labor-Management Relations; Industrial Jurisprudence
J54 - Producer Cooperatives; Labor Managed Firms; Employee Ownership
J58 - Public Policy
J59 - Other

  J6 - Mobility, Unemployment, Vacancies, and Immigrant Workers
J60 - General
J61 - Geographic Labor Mobility; Immigrant Workers
J62 - Job, Occupational, and Intergenerational Mobility
J63 - Turnover; Vacancies; Layoffs
J64 - Unemployment: Models, Duration, Incidence, and Job Search
J65 - Unemployment Insurance; Severance Pay; Plant Closings
J68 - Public Policy
J69 - Other

  J7 - Labor Discrimination
J70 - General
J71 - Discrimination
J78 - Public Policy
J79 - Other

  J8 - Labor Standards: National and International
J80 - General
J81 - Working Conditions
J82 - Labor Force Composition
J83 - Workers' Rights
J88 - Public Policy
J89 - Other

K: Law and Economics

K00 - General

  K1 - Basic Areas of Law
K10 - General
K11 - Property Law
K12 - Contract Law
K13 - Tort Law and Product Liability; Forensic Economics
K14 - Criminal Law
K19 - Other

  K2 - Regulation and Business Law
K20 - General
K21 - Antitrust Law
K22 - Business and Securities Law
K23 - Regulated Industries and Administrative Law
K29 - Other

  K3 - Other Substantive Areas of Law
K30 - General
K31 - Labor Law
K32 - Environmental, Health, and Safety Law
K33 - International Law
K34 - Tax Law
K35 - Personal Bankruptcy Law
K36 - Family and Personal Law
K37 - Immigration Law
K39 - Other

  K4 - Legal Procedure, the Legal System, and Illegal Behavior
K40 - General
K41 - Litigation Process
K42 - Illegal Behavior and the Enforcement of Law
K49 - Other

L: Industrial Organization

L00 - General

  L1 - Market Structure, Firm Strategy, and Market Performance
L10 - General
L11 - Production, Pricing, and Market Structure; Size Distribution of Firms
L12 - Monopoly; Monopolization Strategies
L13 - Oligopoly and Other Imperfect Markets
L14 - Transactional Relationships; Contracts and Reputation; Networks
L15 - Information and Product Quality; Standardization and Compatibility
L16 - Industrial Organization and Macroeconomics: Industrial Structure and Structural Change;Industrial Price Indices

L17 - Open Source Products and Markets
L19 - Other

  L2 - Firm Objectives, Organization, and Behavior
L20 - General
L21 - Business Objectives of the Firm
L22 - Firm Organization and Market Structure
L23 - Organization of Production
L24 - Contracting Out; Joint Ventures; Technology Licensing
L25 - Firm Performance: Size, Diversification, and Scope
L26 - Entrepreneurship
L29 - Other

  L3 - Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise
L30 - General
L31 - Nonprofit Institutions; NGOs; Social Entrepreneurship
L32 - Public Enterprises; Public-Private Enterprises
L33 - Comparison of Public and Private Enterprises and Nonprofit Institutions; Privatization; Contracting Out
L38 - Public Policy
L39 - Other

  L4 - Antitrust Policy
L40 - General
L41 - Monopolization; Horizontal Anticompetitive Practices
L42 - Vertical Restraints; Resale Price Maintenance; Quantity Discounts
L43 - Legal Monopolies and Regulation or Deregulation
L44 - Antitrust Policy and Public Enterprise, Nonprofit Institutions, and Professional Organizations

L49 - Other

  L5 - Regulation and Industrial Policy
L50 - General
L51 - Economics of Regulation
L52 - Industrial Policy; Sectoral Planning Methods
L53 - Enterprise Policy
L59 - Other

  L6 - Industry Studies: Manufacturing
L60 - General
L61 - Metals and Metal Products; Cement; Glass; Ceramics
L62 - Automobiles; Other Transportation Equipment; Related Parts and Equipment
L63 - Microelectronics; Computers; Communications Equipment
L64 - Other Machinery; Business Equipment; Armaments
L65 - Chemicals; Rubber; Drugs; Biotechnology
L66 - Food; Beverages; Cosmetics; Tobacco; Wine and Spirits
L67 - Other Consumer Nondurables: Clothing, Textiles, Shoes, and Leather Goods; Household Goods; Sports Equipment
L68 - Appliances; Furniture; Other Consumer Durables
L69 - Other

  L7 - Industry Studies: Primary Products and Construction
L70 - General
L71 - Mining, Extraction, and Refining: Hydrocarbon Fuels
L72 - Mining, Extraction, and Refining: Other Nonrenewable Resources
L73 - Forest Products
L74 - Construction
L78 - Government Policy
L79 - Other

  L8 - Industry Studies: Services
L80 - General
L81 - Retail and Wholesale Trade; e-Commerce
L82 - Entertainment; Media
L83 - Sports; Gambling; Restaurants; Recreation; Tourism
L84 - Personal, Professional, and Business Services
L85 - Real Estate Services
L86 - Information and Internet Services; Computer Software
L87 - Postal and Delivery Services
L88 - Government Policy
L89 - Other

  L9 - Industry Studies: Transportation and Utilities
L90 - General
L91 - Transportation: General
L92 - Railroads and Other Surface Transportation
L93 - Air Transportation
L94 - Electric Utilities
L95 - Gas Utilities; Pipelines; Water Utilities
L96 - Telecommunications
L97 - Utilities: General
L98 - Government Policy
L99 - Other

M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics

M00 - General

  M1 - Business Administration
M10 - General
M11 - Production Management
M12 - Personnel Management; Executives; Executive Compensation
M13 - New Firms; Startups
M14 - Corporate Culture; Diversity; Social Responsibility
M15 - IT Management
M16 - International Business Administration
M19 - Other

  M2 - Business Economics
M20 - General
M21 - Business Economics
M29 - Other

  M3 - Marketing and Advertising
M30 - General
M31 - Marketing
M37 - Advertising
M38 - Government Policy and Regulation
M39 - Other

  M4 - Accounting and Auditing
M40 - General
M41 - Accounting
M42 - Auditing
M48 - Government Policy and Regulation
M49 - Other

  M5 - Personnel Economics
M50 - General
M51 - Firm Employment Decisions; Promotions
M52 - Compensation and Compensation Methods and Their Effects
M53 - Training
M54 - Labor Management
M55 - Labor Contracting Devices
M59 - Other

N: Economic History

N00 - General
N01 - Development of the Discipline: Historiographical; Sources and Methods

  N1 - Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics; Industrial Structure; Growth; Fluctuations
N10 - General, International, or Comparative
N11 - U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
N12 - U.S.; Canada: 1913-
N13 - Europe: Pre-1913
N14 - Europe: 1913-
N15 - Asia including Middle East
N16 - Latin America; Caribbean
N17 - Africa; Oceania

  N2 - Financial Markets and Institutions
N20 - General, International, or Comparative
N21 - U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
N22 - U.S.; Canada: 1913-71
N23 - Europe: Pre-1913
N24 - Europe: 1913-
N25 - Asia including Middle East
N26 - Latin America; Caribbean
N27 - Africa; Oceania

  N3 - Labor and Consumers, Demography, Education, Health, Welfare, Income, Wealth, Religion, and Philanthropy
N30 - General, International, or Comparative
N31 - U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
N32 - U.S.; Canada: 1913-
N33 - Europe: Pre-1913
N34 - Europe: 1913-
N35 - Asia including Middle East
N36 - Latin America; Caribbean
N37 - Africa; Oceania

  N4 - Government, War, Law, International Relations, and Regulation
N40 - General, International, or Comparative
N41 - U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
N42 - U.S.; Canada: 1913-
N43 - Europe: Pre-1913
N44 - Europe: 1913-
N45 - Asia including Middle East
N46 - Latin America; Caribbean
N47 - Africa; Oceania

  N5 - Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment, and Extractive Industries
N50 - General, International, or Comparative
N51 - U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
N52 - U.S.; Canada: 1913
N53 - Europe: Pre-1913
N54 - EEurope: 1913-
N55 - Asia including Middle East
N56 - Latin America; Caribbean
N57 - Africa; Oceania

  N6 - Manufacturing and Construction
N60 - General, International, or Comparative
N61 - U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
N62 - U.S.; Canada: 1913-
N63 - Europe: Pre-1913
N64 - Europe: 1913-
N65 - Asia including Middle East
N66 - Latin America; Caribbean
N67 - Africa; Oceania

  N7 - Transport, Trade, Energy, Technology, and Other Services
N70 - General, International, or Comparative
N71 - U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
N72 - U.S.; Canada: 1913-
N73 - Europe: Pre-1913
N74 - Europe: 1913-
N75 - Asia including Middle East
N76 - Latin America; Caribbean
N77 - Africa; Oceania

  N8 - Micro-Business History
N80 - General, International, or Comparative
N81 - U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
N82 - U.S.; Canada: 1913-
N83 - Europe: Pre-1913
N84 - Europe: 1913-
N85 - Asia including Middle East
N86 - Latin America; Caribbean
N87 - Africa; Oceania

  N9 - Regional and Urban History
N90 - General, International, or Comparative
N91 - U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
N92 - U.S.; Canada: 1913-
N93 - Europe: Pre-1913
N94 - Europe: 1913-
N95 - Asia including Middle East
N96 - Latin America; Caribbean
N97 - Africa; Oceania

O: Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth

  O1 - Economic Development
O10 - General
O11 - Macroeconomic Analyses of Economic Development
O12 - Microeconomic Analyses of Economic Development
O13 - Agriculture; Natural Resources; Environment; Other Primary Products
O14 - Industrialization; Manufacturing and Service Industries; Choice of Technology
O15 - Human Resources; Human Development; Income Distribution; Migration
O16 - Financial Markets; Saving and Capital Investment; Corporate Finance and Governance
O17 - Formal and Informal Sectors; Shadow Economy; Institutional Arrangements
O18 - Urban, Rural, Regional, and Transportation Analysis; Housing; Infrastructure
O19 - International Linkages to Development; Role of International Organizations

  O2 - Development Planning and Policy
O20 - General
O21 - Planning Models; Planning Policy
O22 - Project Analysis
O23 - Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Development
O24 - Trade Policy; Factor Movement Policy; Foreign Exchange Policy
O25 - Industrial Policy
O29 - Other

  O3 - Innovation; Research and Development; Technological Change; Intellectual Property Rights
O30 - General
O31 - Innovation and Invention: Processes and Incentives
O32 - Management of Technological Innovation and R&D
O33 - Technological Change: Choices and Consequences; Diffusion Processes
O34 - Intellectual Property and Intellectual Capital
O35 - Social Innovation
O38 - Government Policy
O39 - Other

  O4 - Economic Growth and Aggregate Productivity
O40 - General
O41 - One, Two, and Multisector Growth Models
O42 - Monetary Growth Models
O43 - Institutions and Growth
O44 - Environment and Growth
O47 - Empirical Studies of Economic Growth; Aggregate Productivity; Cross-Country Output Convergence
O49 - Other

  O5 - Economywide Country Studies
O50 - General
O51 - U.S.; Canada
O52 - Europe
O53 - Asia including Middle East
O54 - Latin America; Caribbean
O55 - Africa
O56 - Oceania
O57 - Comparative Studies of Countries

P: Economic Systems

P00 - General

  P1 - Capitalist Systems
P10 - General
P11 - Planning, Coordination, and Reform
P12 - Capitalist Enterprises
P13 - Cooperative Enterprises
P14 - Property Rights
P16 - Political Economy
P17 - Performance and Prospects
P19 - Other

  P2 - Socialist Systems and Transitional Economies
P20 - General
P21 - Planning, Coordination, and Reform
P22 - Prices
P23 - Factor and Product Markets; Industry Studies; Population
P24 - National Income, Product, and Expenditure; Money; Inflation
P25 - Urban, Rural, and Regional Economics
P26 - Political Economy; Property Rights
P27 - Performance and Prospects
P28 - Natural Resources; Energy; Environment
P29 - Other

  P3 - Socialist Institutions and Their Transitions
P30 - General
P31 - Socialist Enterprises and Their Transitions
P32 - Collectives; Communes; Agriculture
P33 - International Trade, Finance, Investment, Relations, and Aid
P34 - Financial Economics
P35 - Public Finance
P36 - Consumer Economics; Health; Education and Training; Welfare, Income, Wealth, and Poverty
P37 - Legal Institutions; Illegal Behavior
P39 - Other

  P4 - Other Economic Systems
P40 - General
P41 - Planning, Coordination, and Reform
P42 - Productive Enterprises; Factor and Product Markets; Prices; Population
P43 - Public Economics; Financial Economics
P44 - National Income, Product, and Expenditure; Money; Inflation
P45 - International Trade, Finance, Investment, and Aid
P46 - Consumer Economics; Health; Education and Training; Welfare, Income, Wealth, and Poverty
P47 - Performance and Prospects
P48 - Political Economy; Legal Institutions; Property Rights; Natural Resources; Energy; Environment; Regional Studies
P49 - Other

  P5 - Comparative Economic Systems
P50 - General
P51 - Comparative Analysis of Economic Systems
P52 - Comparative Studies of Particular Economies
P59 - Other

Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics

Q00 - General
Q01 - Sustainable Development
Q02 - Commodity Markets

  Q1 - Agriculture
Q10 - General
Q11 - Aggregate Supply and Demand Analysis; Prices
Q12 - Micro Analysis of Farm Firms, Farm Households, and Farm Input Markets
Q13 - Agricultural Markets and Marketing; Cooperatives; Agribusiness
Q14 - Agricultural Finance
Q15 - Land Ownership and Tenure; Land Reform; Land Use; Irrigation; Agriculture and Environment
Q16 - R&D; Agricultural Technology; Biofuels; Agricultural Extension Services
Q17 - Agriculture in International Trade
Q18 - Agricultural Policy; Food Policy
Q19 - Other

  Q2 - Renewable Resources and Conservation
Q20 - General
Q21 - Demand and Supply; Prices
Q22 - Fishery; Aquaculture
Q23 - Forestry
Q24 - Land
Q25 - Water
Q26 - Recreational Aspects of Natural Resources
Q27 - Issues in International Trade
Q28 - Government Policy
Q29 - Other

  Q3 - Nonrenewable Resources and Conservation
Q30 - General
Q31 - Demand and Supply; Prices
Q32 - Exhaustible Resources and Economic Development
Q33 - Resource Booms
Q34 - Natural Resources and Domestic and International Conflicts
Q35 - Hydrocarbon Resources
Q37 - Issues in International Trade
Q38 - Government Policy
Q39 - Other

  Q4 - Energy
Q40 - General
Q41 - Demand and Supply; Prices
Q42 - Alternative Energy Sources
Q43 - Energy and the Macroeconomy
Q47 - Energy Forecasting
Q48 - Government Policy
Q49 - Other

  Q5 - Environmental Economics
Q50 - General
Q51 - Valuation of Environmental Effects
Q52 - Pollution Control Adoption and Costs; Distributional Effects; Employment Effects
Q53 - Air Pollution; Water Pollution; Noise; Hazardous Waste; Solid Waste; Recycling
Q54 - Climate; Natural Disasters and Their Management; Global Warming
Q55 - Technological Innovation
Q56 - Environment and Development; Environment and Trade; Sustainability; Environmental Accounts and Accounting;
         Environmental Equity; Population Growth
Q57 - Ecological Economics: Ecosystem Services; Biodiversity Conservation; Bioeconomics; Industrial Ecology
Q58 - Government Policy
Q59 - Other

R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics

R00 - General

  R1 - General Regional Economics
R10 - General
R11 - Regional Economic Activity: Growth, Development, Environmental Issues, and Changes
R12 - Size and Spatial Distributions of Regional Economic Activity
R13 - General Equilibrium and Welfare Economic Analysis of Regional Economies
R14 - Land Use Patterns
R15 - Econometric and Input-Output Models; Other Models
R19 - Other

  R2 - Household Analysis
R20 - General
R21 - Housing Demand
R22 - Other Demand
R23 - Regional Migration; Regional Labor Markets; Population; Neighborhood Characteristics
R28 - Government Policy
R29 - Other

  R3 - Real Estate Markets, Spatial Production Analysis, and Firm Location
R30 - General
R31 - Housing Supply and Markets
R32 - Other Spatial Production and Pricing Analysis
R33 - Nonagricultural and Nonresidential Real Estate Markets
R38 - Government Policy
R39 - Other

  R4 - Transportation Economics
R40 - General
R41 - Transportation: Demand, Supply, and Congestion; Travel Time; Safety and Accidents; Transportation Noise
R42 - Government and Private Investment Analysis; Road Maintenance; Transportation Planning
R48 - Government Pricing and Policy
R49 - Other

  R5 - Regional Government Analysis
R50 - General
R51 - Finance in Urban and Rural Economies
R52 - Land Use and Other Regulations
R53 - Public Facility Location Analysis; Public Investment and Capital Stock
R58 - Regional Development Policy
R59 - Other

Y: Miscellaneous Categories

  Y1 - Data: Tables and Charts
Y10 - Data: Tables and Charts

  Y2 - Introductory Material
Y20 - Introductory Material

  Y3 - Book Reviews (unclassified)
Y30 - Book Reviews (unclassified)

  Y4 - Dissertations (unclassified)
Y40 - Dissertations (unclassified)

  Y5 - Further Reading (unclassified)
Y50 - Further Reading (unclassified)

  Y6 - Excerpts
Y60 - Excerpts

  Y7 - No Author General Discussions
Y70 - No Author General Discussions

  Y8 - Related Disciplines
Y80 - Related Disciplines

  Y9 - Other
Y90 - Other
Y91 - Pictures and Maps
Y92 - Novels, Self-Help Books, etc.

Z: Other Special Topics

Z00 - General

  Z1 - Cultural Economics; Economic Sociology; Economic Anthropology
Z10 - General
Z11 - Economics of the Arts and Literature
Z12 - Religion
Z13 - Economic Sociology; Economic Anthropology; Social and Economic Stratification
Z18 - Public Policy
Z19 - Other

  Z2 - Sports Economics
Z20 - General
Z21 - Industry Studies
Z22 - Labor Issues
Z23 - Finance
Z28 - Policy
Z29 - Other

  Z3 - Tourism Economics
Z30 - General
Z31 - Industry Studies
Z32 - Tourism and Development
Z33 - Marketing and Finance
Z38 - Policy
Z39 - Other