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INSEAD: Asian Business & Comparative Management (Topic)
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Incl. Electronic Paper Factors Affecting Purchase Intention of South East Asian (SEA) Young Adults Towards Global Smartphone Brands
ASEAN Marketing Journal, Vol. VIII, No. 1, 66-84, 2016
Abdul Wahid Zahid and Omkar Dastane
Anglia Ruskin University and Financial Training & Management Services (FTMS) College
Date Posted: July 14, 2016
Last Revised: February 26, 2017
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Short-Term and Long-Term Company Performance Prediction in Different Economic Conditions: Internal and External Managerial Perspectives
Kajian Bisnis (Business Investigation), Vol. 2 (1), pp. 111-128, January-April 2002
Lydia Ari Widyarini, Hermeindito and Anastasia S. H.
affiliation not provided to SSRN, Universitas Ciputra - Graduate School and Widya Mandala Chatolic University
Date Posted: May 01, 2012
Accepted Paper Series

Comparative Situational Analysis of Business Process Outsourcing Industry in India with Focus on Human Resources Issues Considering Occupational Therapists Suggestions
Prabhakar Krishnamurthy
SRM University
Date Posted: June 03, 2011
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Compliance Heroes, Leadership, and Ethical Values: In Search of a Chinese Benchmark
Len A. Gainsford and Angus Young
affiliation not provided to SSRN and Department of Accountancy & Law, Hong Kong Baptist University
Date Posted: September 02, 2009
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Business Process Outsourcing and India
Management Online REview (MORE), September 2008
Sumitro Mukherjee affiliation not provided to SSRN
Date Posted: October 18, 2007
Last Revised: May 27, 2011
Accepted Paper Series