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Private Equity and Value Creation in Frontier Markets: The Need for an Operational Approach

INSEAD Working Paper No. 2014/09/EFE/ICE
Number of pages: 17 Posted: 30 Jan 2014
Working Paper Series
INSEAD Abu Dhabi Campus and Independent
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Predictors of Later Generation Family Members’ Commitment to Family Enterprises

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Forthcoming
Number of pages: 39 Posted: 24 Jun 2013
Accepted Paper Series
Concordia University, Quebec - John Molson School of Business, Wilfrid Laurier University, Wilfrid Laurier University - School of Business & Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University and Macquarie University, Macquarie Business School

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Using Computable General Equilibrium for the Assessment of Impacts of Value-Added Tax in Sudan

Number of pages: 12 Posted: 28 Apr 2012 Last Revised: 24 Jun 2012
Working Paper Series
Al-Neelain University - Department of Economics
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Global Financial Crisis and Effects on the Agricultural Sector of Sudan

Macroeconomics, Monetary and Fiscal Policies Journal, Vol. 4, Issue 104, July 26, 2011
Number of pages: 14 Posted: 06 Jul 2011 Last Revised: 20 Jan 2015
Accepted Paper Series
Al-Neelain University - Department of Economics
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Scaling Social Innovations: The Case of Gram Vikas

INSEAD Working Paper No. 2010/10/EFE/INSEAD Social Innovation Centre/ICE
Number of pages: 37 Posted: 16 Feb 2010
Working Paper Series
Wheaton College (MA) and INSEAD
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Comfort Living Private Limited (CLPL) - An Indian Case Study on Family Business

Number of pages: 14 Posted: 06 Apr 2009
Working Paper Series
Amity University
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Preparing Business Students for Cooperation in Multidisciplinary New Venture Teams: Empirical Insights from a Business Planning Course

Technovation Vol. 26, No. 2, 2005
Number of pages: 26 Posted: 23 Nov 2008
Accepted Paper Series
Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH) and Zeppelin University (ZU)
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Agency in Action: Entrepreneurs' Networking Style and Initiation of Economic Exchange

INSEAD Working Paper No. 2010/24/EFE/ICE
Number of pages: 59 Posted: 12 Sep 2008 Last Revised: 16 Apr 2010
Working Paper Series
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