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Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
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Investment Drivers and Shocks’ Geometry in Greece

Alpha Bank Inshights, July 2020
Number of pages: 17 Posted: 08 Oct 2020
Accepted Paper Series
Alpha Bank, Alpha Bank and Alpha Bank
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Coronavirus and Mass Incarceration: Why Inmates are Safer in Prison

Number of pages: 1 Posted: 28 May 2020
Working Paper Series
Angelo State University
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Uncertainty Ahead: Pell Grant Funding for Prisoners

The State of Justice 2017 American Bar Association
Number of pages: 4 Posted: 10 Aug 2017
Accepted Paper Series
Texas Southern University - Thurgood Marshall School of Law
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The Challenge of Seeing Justice Done in Removal Proceedings

Tulane Law Review, Vol. 89, No. 1, 2014, UGA Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2015-19, Dean Rusk International Center Research Paper No. 2016-07
Number of pages: 79 Posted: 25 Oct 2014 Last Revised: 29 Mar 2016
Accepted Paper Series
University of Georgia School of Law
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Confiscation and Extended Confiscation in Macedonian Criminal Law

Number of pages: 13 Posted: 11 Jan 2013 Last Revised: 25 Feb 2013
Working Paper Series
FON University
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Who's Guarding the Henhouse? How the American Prosecutor Came to Devour Those He is Sworn to Protect

Washburn Law Journal, Vol. 51, 2012
Number of pages: 57 Posted: 11 Jun 2012
Accepted Paper Series
Atlanta's John Marshall Law School
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O! Say Can You Smell? Drug Smell Test Taskforces: Police-Created Exigency Doctrine No Longer a Check on Warrantless Search by Police

Southern University Law Review, Vol. 40, 2012
Number of pages: 43 Posted: 15 Mar 2012 Last Revised: 21 May 2012
Accepted Paper Series
Southern University Law Center
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Preamble and Full Text of the 2008 Criminal Justice Constitutional Reform

Mexican Law Review, New series, Vol. IV, No. 1, 2011
Number of pages: 51 Posted: 07 Nov 2011
Accepted Paper Series
Legal Research Institute of the Autonomous University of Chiapas
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The System of Modern Criminal Conspiracy

63 Cath. U. L. Rev. 371 (2014)
Number of pages: 46 Posted: 05 Nov 2011 Last Revised: 12 Sep 2014
Accepted Paper Series
University of North Dakota School of Law
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