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Seventh Singapore International Conference on Finance 2013 (Archive)
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Incl. Electronic Paper On the Interest Rate Sensitivity of Corporate Securities: Implications at the Firm and Index Level
Jaewon Choi, Matthew P. Richardson and Robert Whitelaw
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Department of Finance, New York University (NYU) - Department of Finance and New York University
Date Posted: September 12, 2013
Last Revised: August 15, 2016
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Risking Other People's Money: Gambling, Limited Liability, and Optimal Incentives
Peter M. DeMarzo, Dmitry Livdan and Alexei Tchistyi
Stanford Graduate School of Business, University of California, Berkeley and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Department of Finance
Date Posted: September 12, 2013
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Institutional Investment and Intermediation in the Hedge Fund Industry
Vikas Agarwal, Vikram K. Nanda and Sugata Ray
Georgia State University, University of Texas at Dallas - School of Management - Department of Finance & Managerial Economics and University of Florida - Warrington College of Business Administration
Date Posted: July 02, 2013
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Consumption and Debt Response to Unanticipated Income Shocks: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Singapore
Sumit Agarwal and Wenlan Qian
Georgetown University - Department of Finance and National University of Singapore - NUS Business School
Date Posted: April 04, 2013
Last Revised: July 24, 2014
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Learning About Mutual Fund Managers
Journal of Finance, Forthcoming, AFA 2014 Philadelphia Meetings
Darwin Choi, Bige Kahraman and Abhiroop Mukherjee
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - Department of Finance, University of Oxford - Said Business School and Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) - Department of Finance
Date Posted: February 19, 2013
Last Revised: January 25, 2016
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper What Do Bankers Know?
FIRN Research Paper, ECGI - Finance Working Paper
Renee B. Adams, Yanhui Wu and Qiaoqiao Zhu
University of New South Wales, Department of Banking and Finance, Queensland University of Technology - School of Economics and Finance and Australian National University (ANU) - College of Business and Economics
Date Posted: December 26, 2012
Last Revised: June 15, 2016
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Institutional Trading and Hedge Fund Activism
Nickolay Gantchev and Chotibhak Jotikasthira
University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School and Southern Methodist University (SMU) - Edwin L. Cox School of Business
Date Posted: September 01, 2012
Last Revised: August 28, 2016
Working Paper Series