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Entrepreneurial Intention Among Undergraduates: Review of Literature

Sivarajah, K., & Achchuthan, S. (2013). Entrepreneurial Intention among Undergraduates: Review of Literature. European Journal of Business and Management, 5(5), 172-186, 2013.
Number of pages: 15 Posted: 10 Jun 2014
Accepted Paper Series
University of Jaffna and University of Jaffna
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Developing a Model of Total Quality Management for Primary School Education in India

Number of pages: 121 Posted: 18 Mar 2014
Working Paper Series
Government of India, Indian Administrative Service
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Value Chain for Higher Education Sector-Case Studies of India and Tanzania

Journal of Services Research, Special Issue (February, 2008)
Number of pages: 19 Posted: 25 Jun 2015
Accepted Paper Series
G.L.Bajaj Institute of Management & Research, Mzumbe University and VBS Purvanchal University
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Media Education Around the World: Brief History

Acta Didactica Napocensia, Volume 1, Number 2, 2008
Number of pages: 13 Posted: 29 Jun 2015
Accepted Paper Series
Rostov State Univesity of Econimics
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The Impact of Education on Political Ideology: Evidence from European Compulsory Education Reforms

Number of pages: 55 Posted: 03 Sep 2016
Working Paper Series
Marquette University
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A Comprehensive Comparison of Educational Growth within Four Different Developing Countries between 1990 and 2012

Revista de Gestão e Secretariado, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 152-174, 2016
Number of pages: 17 Posted: 06 Apr 2016
Accepted Paper Series
National University of Malaysia (UKM), Centre for Research Services, Institute of Management and Research Services (IPPP), University of Malaya (UM)University of Malaya (UM) - Department of Engineering Design and Manufacture, University Malaya, University of Duisburg-Essen and Center for Software Technology and Management, Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
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Financial Education Initiatives in Malaysia: Comparison with 5 Countries

Number of pages: 26 Posted: 15 May 2018
Working Paper Series
University Putra Malaysia, Students and University Putra Malaysia - Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing (MyAgeing)
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The Importance of School Systems: Evidence from International Differences in Student Achievement

CESifo Working Paper Series No. 5951
Number of pages: 50 Posted: 19 Jul 2016
Working Paper Series
Ifo Institute for Economic Research

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Practical Way to Create 'MOOC Degrees and Diplomas'

Number of pages: 17 Posted: 07 Jan 2014 Last Revised: 24 May 2016
Working Paper Series
University of Oxford - Saint Cross College
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The Effects of Individual-Level Culture and Demographic Characteristics on e-Learning Acceptance in Lebanon and England: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach

Number of pages: 354 Posted: 02 Feb 2016 Last Revised: 03 Feb 2016
Working Paper Series
Brunel University London - School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics
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Higher Education as a Means of Achieving Economic Growth and Development – A Comparative Analysis of Selected EU and Former Soviet Union Countries

International Public Administration Review, Vol. XII, No. 4, 2014
Number of pages: 22 Posted: 08 Mar 2015
Accepted Paper Series
University of Rijeka - Faculty of Economics
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Entrepreneurial Intentions, Motivations and Barriers: Differences Among American, Asian and European Students

International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 7, 2, p. 219-238, 2010
Number of pages: 20 Posted: 11 Feb 2015
Accepted Paper Series
Louvain School of Management (UCL), Université Catholique de Louvain, Appalachian State University - John A. Walker College of Business, Appalachian State University - John A. Walker College of Business, Universidad de Alicante and Appalachian State University
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The Growing Role of Immigration Law in Universal Higher Education: Case Studies of the United States and the EU

Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies [OxCHEPS], Occasional Paper No. 48, 2013, U of Houston Law Center No. 2013-A-13
Number of pages: 52 Posted: 25 Sep 2013
Accepted Paper Series
University of Houston Law Center
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Internationalization and Differentiation Strategies: The Case of American and European Business Schools

Number of pages: 169 Posted: 28 Apr 2016
Working Paper Series
Temple University (Fox) - Strategic Mgmt Dept.
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Paddling the Pupils: The Legality (or Not) of Corporal Punishment in Schools

Number of pages: 39 Posted: 02 Aug 2019
Working Paper Series
University at Albany (SUNY), Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy University of Albany, State University of New York at Albany and Albany Law School
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Academic Freedom and Rights to University Teaching Materials: A Comparison of Swedish, American and German Approaches

Number of pages: 41 Posted: 25 Jan 2016
Working Paper Series
Stockholm University - Faculty of Law
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American Higher Education and the 'Collegiate Way of Living' (美国高等教育和 '学院制生活')

Community Design (Tsinghua University), 30(2): 10-21
Number of pages: 12 Posted: 09 Feb 2015
Accepted Paper Series
Fitchburg, Massachusetts
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Characteristics of an Effective Student Testing System

Phelps, R. P. (2006, Fall). Characteristics of an effective student testing system, Educational Horizons, 85(1), 19–29.
Number of pages: 11 Posted: 24 Nov 2014
Accepted Paper Series
Nonpartisan Education Group
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The 'True' Private School Effect Using PISA 2012-Mathematics: Evidence from 40 Countries

Number of pages: 32 Posted: 10 Jun 2016
Working Paper Series
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
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Clinical Legal Education: A (Brief) Comparison of the Evolving Structures and Pedagogy in Mexico, Canada and the United States

University of Detroit Mercy Law Review Online, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2015
Number of pages: 24 Posted: 21 Nov 2015
Accepted Paper Series
University of Baltimore - School of Law, Independent and Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey - Escuela de Gobierno y Transformación Pública
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Action-Oriented Research in Education: A Comparative Study on a Western and an Islamic View

The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences 29:22, pp. 43-63
Number of pages: 21 Posted: 16 Nov 2012
Accepted Paper Series
University of Tehran and University of Tehran
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Motives and Perceived Problems of Students as Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Differences Across the Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and the United States

International Journal of Business and Social Science Vol. 3 No. 13; July 2012
Number of pages: 12 Posted: 25 Oct 2014
Accepted Paper Series
Suleyman Sah University, SUNY at Oswego and International Black Sea University
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Children's Rights to Mother-Tongue Education in a Multilingual World: A Comparative Analysis between South Africa and Germany

Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal, Vol. 20, 2017
Number of pages: 35 Posted: 08 Jun 2017
Accepted Paper Series
University of South Africa - School of Law
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Comparing United States and New Zealand Legal Education: Are U.S. Law Schools Too Good?

30 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 31 (1997), SMU Dedman School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 139
Number of pages: 15 Posted: 16 Jul 2014 Last Revised: 11 Nov 2014
Accepted Paper Series
Southern Methodist University - Dedman School of Law
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The Causal Effect of Parents’ Schooling on Children’s Schooling in Europe. A New IV Approach.

CEIS Working Paper No. 315
Number of pages: 38 Posted: 14 May 2014
Working Paper Series
affiliation not provided to SSRN and University of Rome Tor Vergata
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Career Preparations of High School Students in China, Japan, South Korea, and USA

Number of pages: 13 Posted: 06 Apr 2014
Working Paper Series
University of Rhode Island and University of Rhode Island
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Scholarly Culture and Occupational Success in 31 Societies

Comparative Sociology, Forthcoming
Number of pages: 36 Posted: 04 Apr 2015
Accepted Paper Series
International Survey Center, University of Nevada, Reno - Departments of Resource Economics and Sociology, Australian National University (ANU) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
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Higher Test Scores or More Schooling? Another Look at the Causes of Economic Growth

Number of pages: 33 Posted: 14 Feb 2014
Working Paper Series
Universidad EAFIT - School of Economics and Finance - Center for Research in Economic & Finance (CIEF)
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Homeschooling in the U.S. and Its Lesson for Israel

47 Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 175, 2017
Number of pages: 46 Posted: 31 May 2017 Last Revised: 04 Jun 2017
Accepted Paper Series
Tel-Aviv University and College of Management (Israel) - School of Law
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Picking Up Big Bills from the Sidewalk: The Supply of and Demand for Quality Basic Education in India and Brazil

Number of pages: 54 Posted: 21 Jul 2014
Working Paper Series
Arnold & Porter, LLP, Harvard Law School and University of Toronto - Faculty of Law
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Do Perceived Cross Cultural Differences Influences Level of Conflict and Intention to Leave? A Cross-Sectional Study on African Students in Malaysia

International Journal of Accounting and Business Management (IJABM), Volume 2, Issue 1, pp. 142-155, 2014
Number of pages: 14 Posted: 20 Jul 2014
Accepted Paper Series
FTMS College and International University of Malaya Wales
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Observations of a Western Educator in Japan: A Clash of Cultures Rather than a Culture of Clashes

Number of pages: 12 Posted: 10 Dec 2015
Working Paper Series
Tax Re-Solutions
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The Relative Weight of Subject Knowledge and Type of University Attended: A Comparison of Law Higher Education in England and Germany

Griffith University Law School Research Paper No. 16-18, U. of Westminster School of Law Research Paper
Number of pages: 19 Posted: 07 Nov 2016 Last Revised: 02 Mar 2017
Working Paper Series
King's College London and Griffith University - Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research
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Comparing Efficiency of Public Universities Among European Countries: Different Incentives Lead to Different Performances

Number of pages: 44 Posted: 08 Jan 2014
Working Paper Series
Politecnico di Milano - Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering and Maastricht University - Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research (TIER)
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성별 교육불평등의 기회비용에 관한 연구 (A Study on the Opportunity Costs of Gender Educational Inequality)

Number of pages: 20 Posted: 05 Oct 2018 Last Revised: 21 Oct 2018
Working Paper Series
University of Tokyo, Pusan National University, Aoyama Gakuin University and Pusan National University
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Legitimacy and the Contingent Diffusion of World Culture: Diversity and Human Rights in Social Science Textbooks, Divergent Cross-National Patterns (1970-2008)

Forthcoming, Canadian Journal of Sociology
Number of pages: 56 Posted: 11 Dec 2013
Accepted Paper Series
University of Utah
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Gatekeeping The Profession

Williams, Christopher, 26 Gatekeeping The Profession, Cardozo J. Equal Rts. 171, 2020
Number of pages: 36 Posted: 21 May 2020
Accepted Paper Series
University of Chicago
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Learning Professional Responsibility for the Practice of Law: The Way Forward

Georgia State University College of Law, Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2016-31
Number of pages: 22 Posted: 07 Dec 2016 Last Revised: 14 Dec 2016
Working Paper Series
Georgia State University College of Law
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Australian Best Practices - A Comparison with the United Kingdom and the United States

Chapter 10 in: Australian Clinical Legal Education, ANU Press (February 2017), Washington University in St. Louis Legal Studies Research Paper, Monash University Faculty of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2017/06
Number of pages: 24 Posted: 01 Apr 2017 Last Revised: 18 Sep 2017
Accepted Paper Series
Washington University in St. Louis - School of Law, Monash University - Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales (UNSW) - Faculty of Law, Griffith Law School, La Trobe Law School and Professor of Law, The University of Sydney Law School, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia – Australian Discrimination Law Experts Group
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Cultural and Material Resources of Parents and Grandparents and the Educational Outcome of Grandchildren in Europe

Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy Discussion Paper No. 01-2016
Number of pages: 31 Posted: 14 Dec 2016
Working Paper Series
University of Cologne and University of Tuebingen
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Laughing Your Way to Academic Success: Can Laughter Impact Learning and Well-Being in the Law School Classroom and are there Cross-Cultural Differences?

Arizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper No. 20-35
Posted: 31 Jul 2020
Working Paper Series
James E. Rogers College of Law, The University of Arizona
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Measurement of Cross-Cultural Differences in Mathematics Teachers’ Beliefs in Russia, Latvia and Estonia

Higher School of Economics Research Paper No. WP BRP 36/PSY/2015
Number of pages: 25 Posted: 05 Apr 2015
Working Paper Series
National Research University Higher School of Economics, National Research University Higher School of Economics, University of Helsinki, Daugavpils University and Tallinn University (TLU)
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The Political Economy of Educational Policies and Inequality of Opportunity

University Ca' Foscari of Venice, Dept. of Economics Research Paper Series No. 14/WP/2019
Number of pages: 58 Posted: 15 May 2019
Working Paper Series
University of Verona - Department of Economics and University of Verona - Department of Economics
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Student Attitudes Towards Careers in Sales in Australia and Malaysia: A Cross-Cultural Analysis

Journal of International Marketing & Marketing Research. Vol. 28, No.2, 97-111, 2003
Number of pages: 13 Posted: 25 Aug 2015
Working Paper Series
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)
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Red Flags for Educators: Lessons for Canada in the PISA Results

C.D. Howe Institute Commentary 488; ISBN: 978-1-987983-36-4
Number of pages: 20 Posted: 18 Sep 2017
Working Paper Series
Simon Fraser University (SFU)
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Does Equality Require Integration?: A Case Study

Democratic Culture ( תרבות דמוקרטית), Vol. 3, pp. 37-87, 2000
Number of pages: 52 Posted: 27 Apr 2016 Last Revised: 08 May 2016
Accepted Paper Series
Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Faculty of Law
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