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ChemRN: Theoretical Thermodynamics (Topic)

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Entropy is the Sum of Heat Capacities

Number of pages: 5 Posted: 20 Nov 2017 Last Revised: 30 Jun 2018
Working Paper Series
Liepaja University - Institute of Science and Innovative Technologies
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Counting Number of Microstates of DNA Interior of Shell by Using Number of Microstates of Graphene Brane Exterior Shell

Number of pages: 21 Posted: 27 Nov 2018
Working Paper Series
Guglielmo Marconi University
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Analysis of Experimental Heats of Dilution of Aqueous Solutions of Nabph by Use of the Mean Spherical Approximation and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Science Direct Working Paper No S1574-0331(04)70230-1
Number of pages: 31 Posted: 23 May 2017 Last Revised: 09 Dec 2017
Working Paper Series
Laboratoire d’Electrochimie des Solutions - Faculté des Sciences, Laboratoire d’Electrochimie des Solutions - Faculté des Sciences and Université Louis Pasteur - Laboratoire MSM
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