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Can Computers Be Fair? How Automated and Human-Powered Online Dispute Resolution Affect Procedural Justice in Mediation and Arbitration

33 Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution 91 (2018)
Number of pages: 58 Posted: 22 Nov 2017 Last Revised: 12 Jul 2018
Accepted Paper Series
Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law
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The Lost Promise of Arbitration

Southern Methodist University Law Review, Vol. 70, 2017, Ohio State Public Law Working Paper No. 436
Number of pages: 41 Posted: 12 Jan 2018 Last Revised: 25 Jan 2018
Working Paper Series
Moritz College of Law
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Weaving Together Theory, Research, Practice and Teaching: A Four-Dimensional Approach to Negotiation and Conflict Management Work

Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 10(4), 245-251 (2017)
Number of pages: 17 Posted: 01 May 2018
Accepted Paper Series
Creighton University Graduate School - Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and University of San Francisco
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Árbitros (DCH) (Arbiter (DCH))

Max Planck Institute for European Legal History Research Paper Series No. 2018-12
Number of pages: 16 Posted: 07 Nov 2018 Last Revised: 13 Dec 2018
Working Paper Series
Federal University of Ceara
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The Culture of Negotiation: Trumpian Imprints on the Future?

35(1) Negotiation Journal 221-225 (2019), UC Irvine School of Law Research Paper No. 2019-10
Number of pages: 8 Posted: 21 Mar 2019
Accepted Paper Series
University of California Irvine, School of Law
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Dispute Resolution in Professional Athletics: 'Re-Integrative Shaming' and 'The Best Interest of the Sport'

Number of pages: 12 Posted: 13 Oct 2017 Last Revised: 02 Nov 2017
Working Paper Series
Pepperdine University - School of Law
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The Legal Framework for Mediating Parenting and Child Abduction Disputes in the United States and Mexico

World Arbitration and Mediation Review (2018), Vol. 12, No.1, U Iowa Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2019-02
Number of pages: 25 Posted: 08 Feb 2019 Last Revised: 27 Mar 2019
Accepted Paper Series
University of Iowa - College of Law
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Conflict Resolution with Constructive Controversy, Team Performance: A Meta-Analysis

Number of pages: 20 Posted: 28 May 2019
Working Paper Series
Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) - Department of Engineering and Management and Ca Foscari University of Venice - Department of Management
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The Singapore Convention: Mediation in a New York State of Mind

Number of pages: 6 Posted: 10 Jul 2019
Working Paper Series
Kobe University - Graduate School of Law
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Judicial Intervention in Arbitration; A Comparative Analysis of Nigeria and the United States of America.

Number of pages: 25 Posted: 21 Jun 2019
Working Paper Series
Babcock University - School of Law and Security Studies
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Cacophony of Delocalization; Emerging Trend in the International Commercial Arbitration

Number of pages: 24 Posted: 21 Jun 2019
Working Paper Series
Babcock University - School of Law and Security Studies
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Mediation as a Panacea for Medical Malpractice; A Mutually Beneficial Option?

Number of pages: 15 Posted: 23 Jun 2019
Working Paper Series
Babcock University - School of Law and Security Studies
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The Phenomenon of Conflict: In Search of a Unified Theory for Effective Management

Number of pages: 14 Posted: 06 May 2019
Working Paper Series
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
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Lawyers and Arbitration: The Juridification of Construction Disputes

The Modern Law Review, Vol. 56, May 1993; DOI/10.1111/j.1468-2230.1993.tb02681.x
Posted: 13 Jun 2019 Last Revised: 19 Jun 2019
Accepted Paper Series
Griffith University - Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research and affiliation not provided to SSRN