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Accountability in Computer Systems

The Oxford Handbook of the Ethics of AI. Dubber, Markus D., Frank Pasquale, and Sunit Das, Eds. Oxford University Press. 2020.
Number of pages: 16 Posted: 19 Jun 2020
Accepted Paper Series
Naval Postgraduate School
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Quantum Information Science - The Domain of Future Informatics Practice: Emphasizing Possibilities, Challenges and Academic Scenario

International Journal of Scientific Research in Physics and Applied Sciences, Vol. 5(5), p. 22-26, October 2017
Number of pages: 8 Posted: 17 Feb 2020
Accepted Paper Series
Raiganj University, Raiganj University, Srinivas University and University of Lucknow
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The Emerging Role of Nano-informatics in America

Number of pages: 11 Posted: 01 Jun 2020
Working Paper Series
University of the Cumberlands (formerly Cumberland College) - Department of Information Technology
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Informatics: Foundation, Nature, Types and Allied areas — An Educational & Analytical Investigation

International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, 8(1), 01-09. New Delhi Publishers. ISSN : 2321-0745, (2020).
Number of pages: 11 Posted: 26 May 2020 Last Revised: 27 May 2020
Accepted Paper Series
Raiganj University and Srinivas University
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Utility and Impact of QR Codes and Barcodes in Scholarly Journals

International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH, 8(5), 51-54, May 2020
Number of pages: 4 Posted: 30 Jun 2020
Accepted Paper Series
Royan Institute
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Hands On: Information Experiences as Sources of Value

Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 2020, DOI:10.1002/asi.24288
Posted: 24 Jul 2020
Accepted Paper Series
University of Haifa and School of Business Administration