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The Effects of Increased Pollution on COVID-19 Cases and Deaths

Number of pages: 55 Posted: 02 Jul 2020 Last Revised: 29 Oct 2020
Working Paper Series
American University and American University
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Effect of Universal TB Vaccination and Other Policy-Relevant Factors on the Probability of Patient Death from COVID-19

Number of pages: 8 Posted: 16 Jun 2020
Working Paper Series
American University - Department of Economics, American University, Rock Valley College, American University, American University, American University - Department of Economics and World Bank
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The Persuasive Effect of Fox News: Non-Compliance with Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Columbia Business School Research Paper Forthcoming
Number of pages: 69 Posted: 17 May 2020 Last Revised: 21 Oct 2020
Working Paper Series
Columbia University - Columbia Business School, Columbia University, Department of Economics, University of Chicago - Booth School of Business and University of Washington - Michael G. Foster School of Business

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Reducing Excess Hospital Readmissions: Does Destination Matter?

Number of pages: 32 Posted: 12 Sep 2017
Working Paper Series
Florida International University (FIU)
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Positive and Negative Effects of Social Status on Longevity: Evidence from Two Literary Prizes in Japan

ISER Discussion Paper No. 968
Number of pages: 53 Posted: 21 Apr 2016 Last Revised: 18 Feb 2018
Working Paper Series
Faculty of Economics, Tohoku Gakuin University, School of Economics and Management and Osaka University - Institute of Social and Economic Research
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Demographic and Financial Determinants of Housing Choice in Retirement and the Rise of Senior Living

Number of pages: 44 Posted: 01 Apr 2015
Working Paper Series
Nareit and National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts®
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Competition Policy in Selection Markets

CPI Antitrust Chronicle Submission, August 2014
Number of pages: 9 Posted: 23 Aug 2014
Working Paper Series
University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Imperial College London and Microsoft
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Imperfect Competition in Selection Markets

Review of Economics and Statistics, Forthcoming
Number of pages: 54 Posted: 30 Dec 2013 Last Revised: 12 Jul 2016
Accepted Paper Series
University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Microsoft

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Pricing Institutions and the Welfare Cost of Adverse Selection

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Forthcoming
Number of pages: 9 Posted: 27 Oct 2013 Last Revised: 27 May 2016
Accepted Paper Series
Microsoft and Imperial College London
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