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Basic Human Needs and Organizational Justice Explain Job Satisfaction, but Do They Predict Individual Performance?

Number of pages: 34 Posted: 29 Jul 2019
Working Paper Series
WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management - Production Management Department and WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
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Mapping Organization Culture with Complex Multi-Level Models

Dimitrov, K., (2013) “Mapping Organization Culture with Complex Multi-Level Models”, “Vanguard Scientific Instruments in Management” Journal (VSIM), Volume 1 (6), pp 309-338, ISSN 1314-0582
Posted: 06 Aug 2018
Accepted Paper Series
University of National and World Economy

Edgar Schein's Model of Organizational Culture Levels as a Hologram

Dimitrov, K., (2013) “Edgar Schein’s model of organizational culture levels as a hologram”, (a study), Economic studies journal, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, issue 4, pp3-36; ISSN 0205-3292
Posted: 06 Aug 2018
Accepted Paper Series
University of National and World Economy

Geert Hofstede Et Al's Set of National Cultural Dimensions: Popularity and Criticisms

Dimitrov, K., (2014) Geert Hofstede et al’s Set of National Cultural Dimensions - Popularity and Criticisms, Economic Alternatives journal
Posted: 05 Aug 2018
Accepted Paper Series
University of National and World Economy

Impact of Job Stress on Employee Performance

International Journal of Accounting and Business Management, 5(2), 13-33 (ONLINE)
Number of pages: 21 Posted: 26 Feb 2018
Accepted Paper Series
Anglia Ruskin University, International University of Malaya-Wales and International University of Malaya Wales
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Factors Influencing Work Efficiency of the Royal Thai Air Force Air Traffic Controllers

Humanistic Management Association, Research Paper Series No. 17-18
Number of pages: 13 Posted: 07 Apr 2017 Last Revised: 21 Jul 2017
Working Paper Series
Civil Aviation Training Center, Civil Aviation Training Center, Civil Aviation Training Center - Aviation Management, Graduate School Civil Aviation Training Center and Civil Aviation Training Center
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Factors Affecting on Satisfaction of Operational Level Employees in Public and Private Banks with Special Reference to Anuradhapura District

Third International Conference on Contemporary Management – 2016
Number of pages: 14 Posted: 28 Feb 2017
Accepted Paper Series
Rajarata University and Independent
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Challenges for Expatriates Returning: Measures and Approaches for a Successful Reintegration of Employees in Financial Organizations

LAW AND ECONOMICS YEARLY REVIEW JOURNAL, Queen Mary University, London, UK, vol. 5, part 1, pp. 125-150, ISSN 2050-9014, Humanistic Management Network, Research Paper Series No. 45/16
Number of pages: 31 Posted: 14 Sep 2016
Accepted Paper Series
LUISS Guido Carli University, Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi - LUISS Business School and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
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Wastes Elimination: Impact of Lean Implementation in Kemang Medical Care (KMC)

Number of pages: 13 Posted: 17 Jul 2015 Last Revised: 01 Aug 2015
Working Paper Series
University of Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jakarta
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Boarding the Onramp to Drive Innovation

Number of pages: 3 Posted: 23 Oct 2014
Working Paper Series
Coastline Community College
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Empirical Investigation of Antecedents of Stress: A Comparison between Male and Female Employees Working as Marketing Executives in Banking Sector

International Journal of Marketing & Financial Management, Volume 2, issue 4, May-2014, pp 62-68
Number of pages: 7 Posted: 01 Jun 2014 Last Revised: 30 Jul 2014
Accepted Paper Series
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