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Socrates of Athens: Euthyphro, Socrates' Defense, Crito and the Death Scene from Phaedo

Number of pages: 58 Posted: 20 Oct 2007 Last Revised: 25 Dec 2015
Working Paper Series
Virginia Wesleyan College and Virginia Wesleyan College
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Behavioral Despair in the Talmud: New Solutions to Unsolved Millenium-Old Legal Problems

Forthcoming in the Asian Journal of Law and Economics
Number of pages: 13 Posted: 28 Feb 2016 Last Revised: 24 Mar 2017
Accepted Paper Series
University of Bridgeport - School of Business, Independent and Independent
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A Glimpse over Lucio Russo’s Scientific Collapse from First Century BC

Number of pages: 9 Posted: 08 Apr 2011 Last Revised: 22 Jun 2015
Working Paper Series
INHA University
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Autopsia, Historia and What Women Know: The Authority of Women in Hippocratic Gynaecology

KNOWLEDGE AND THE SCHOLARLY MEDICAL TRADITIONS, Don Bates, ed., Cambridge University Press, pp. 41-59, 1995
Number of pages: 11 Posted: 05 Sep 2007
Accepted Paper Series
The University of Texas at Austin
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Sextus, Montaigne, Hume: Exercises in Skeptical Cartography

The Modern Schoolman, Vol. 87, pp. 7-34, 2009
Number of pages: 15 Posted: 30 Mar 2012
Accepted Paper Series
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga - Department of Philosophy & Religion
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The Notion of Tolerable Error from the Mishnah to Maimonides

Toleration within Judaism (The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, 2013)
Number of pages: 16 Posted: 24 May 2013
Accepted Paper Series
Sapir Academic College - School of Law
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The Evolution Concept: The Concept Evolution

Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy. 14(3): 354-378
Number of pages: 28 Posted: 06 Apr 2017 Last Revised: 19 Dec 2018
Accepted Paper Series
Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP)
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The Pythagorean Way of Life in Clement of Alexandria and Iamblichus

Iamblichus and the Foundation of Late Platonism, edited by E. Afonasin, J. Dillon and J. Finamore. Leiden, Brill, pp. 13–36,
Number of pages: 25 Posted: 08 Jun 2015
Accepted Paper Series
Novosibirsk State University - Centre for Ancient Philosophy and the Classical Tradition
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Retroperspectiva y perspicacia: El emergentismo crítico de Polibio a Wilde (Insight in Hindsight: Critical Emergentism from Polybius to Wilde)

In "Otium cum dignitate: Estudios en homenaje al profesor José Javier Iso Echegoyen". Ed. J. A. Beltrán, A. Encuentra, G. Fontana, A. I. Magallón, and R. Mª Marina. (Monografías de Filología Latina, 16). Zaragoza: Universidad de Zaragoza, 2013. 677-88,
Number of pages: 13 Posted: 11 Nov 2013
Accepted Paper Series
Universidad de Zaragoza
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Religious Mind: Gnostic Ethos in the Period of the Cultural Transition

ΣΚΕΠΣΙΣ. A Journal for Philosophy and Inter-Disciplinary Research, XVIII, 11–23,
Number of pages: 11 Posted: 08 Jun 2015
Accepted Paper Series
Novosibirsk State University - Centre for Ancient Philosophy and the Classical Tradition
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