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The Hart-Dworkin Debate: A Short Guide for the Perplexed

Number of pages: 54 Posted: 07 Mar 2007 Last Revised: 23 Apr 2017
Working Paper Series
Yale University - Law School
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Explaining Nationalist Political Views: The Case of Donald Trump

Number of pages: 38 Posted: 15 Aug 2016 Last Revised: 29 Dec 2017
Working Paper Series
Gallup and Gallup
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Women in STEM: A Gender Gap to Innovation

Economics and Statistics Administration Issue Brief No. 04-11
Number of pages: 11 Posted: 26 Nov 2011
Working Paper Series
Office of the Chief Economist, Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Government of the United States of America - Bureau of the Census, affiliation not provided to SSRN, affiliation not provided to SSRN, National Science Foundation and Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
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Integrity: A Positive Model that Incorporates the Normative Phenomena of Morality, Ethics, and Legality -- Abridged (English Language Version)

Harvard Business School NOM Unit Working Paper No. 10-061, Barbados Group Working Paper No. 10-01, Simon School Working Paper No. 10-07
Number of pages: 41 Posted: 18 Feb 2010 Last Revised: 11 Feb 2016
Working Paper Series
Independent, Harvard Business School and Landmark Worldwide LLC

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Opening Closed Regimes: What Was the Role of Social Media During the Arab Spring?

Number of pages: 30 Posted: 17 Apr 2015 Last Revised: 29 Jan 2019
Working Paper Series