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The Notion of Homelessness

Posted: 17 Jul 2006
Working Paper Series
ABIT-Piloo Mody College of Architecture

The Optimal Liquidity Principle and the Aggregate Money Demand

IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, Online Advance, Forthcoming
Posted: 31 Oct 2011
Accepted Paper Series
KU Leuven

The Process of Circulation in Quesnay's Tableau Économique

Posted: 04 Oct 2009
Working Paper Series
Universidad de los Andes, Colombia - Department of Economics

The Puzzle, the Power, and the Dark Side: Forward Guidance Redux

CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP12231
Number of pages: 30 Posted: 29 Aug 2017
Working Paper Series
University of Oxford

The Young Person's Guide to Neutrality, Price Level Indeterminacy, Interest Rate Pegs and Fiscal Theories of the Price Level

CEPR Discussion Paper Series No. 1799
Posted: 02 Sep 1998
Working Paper Series
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

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Towards a General Theory of Climate Finance

Number of pages: 8 Posted: 04 Mar 2021
Working Paper Series
Value Xd

Two Concepts of Money, and the Future of Europe

Posted: 15 Jun 2003
Working Paper Series
London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) - Financial Markets Group

Uncertainty and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy: A Bayesian Markov Switching-VAR Analysis

Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice | Volume 9: Issue s1, 2020
Posted: 30 Sep 2020
Accepted Paper Series
and Independent

Value and Disvalue of a Strong Currency

Posted: 29 Nov 2016
Working Paper Series

Weights of Money, Credibility and Sphere of the Money Circuit: Observations Through a Monetary Evolution in West Africa

Discussion Paper Series No.44, Faculty of Economics and Management, Kanazawa University
Posted: 12 Sep 2018
Working Paper Series
Kanazawa University

Who Listened? Unappreciated Teachings of the New Institutional Economics Related to the Financial Crisis of 2008

Kredit und Kapital, Vol. 42, pp. 478-486, 2009
Posted: 19 Apr 2011
Accepted Paper Series
Saarland University

Why Price Stability?

Posted: 13 Jan 2015
Working Paper Series
Saarland University

Why Price Stability? An Answer from the Perspective of New Institutional Economics

Posted: 06 Jan 2015 Last Revised: 08 Feb 2015
Working Paper Series
Saarland University