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Incl. Electronic Paper 'I've Got Nothing to Hide' and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy
San Diego Law Review, Vol. 44, p. 745, 2007, GWU Law School Public Law Research Paper No. 289
Daniel J. Solove
George Washington University Law School
Date Posted: July 12, 2007
Last Revised: February 27, 2014
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper MS_Regress - The MATLAB Package for Markov Regime Switching Models
Marcelo Perlin
Escola de Administração - UFRGS
Date Posted: November 26, 2010
Last Revised: April 20, 2015
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Information Asymmetry and Thwarting Spam
Thede C. Loder, Marshall W. Van Alstyne and Rick Wash
University of Michigan - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Boston University – Questrom School of Business and University of Michigan at Ann Arbor - School of Information
Date Posted: January 20, 2004
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper How to do Xtabond2: An Introduction to Difference and System GMM in Stata
Center for Global Development Working Paper No. 103
David Roodman
Center for Global Development
Date Posted: May 02, 2007
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Spam Works: Evidence from Stock Touts and Corresponding Market Activity
Berkman Center Research Publication No. 2006-11, Harvard Public Law Working Paper No. 135, Oxford Legal Studies Research Paper No. 43/2006
Laura Frieder and Jonathan L. Zittrain
Purdue University - Krannert School of Management and Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Date Posted: July 27, 2006
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Behavioral Portfolio Management
Journal of Behavioral Finance & Economics, Forthcoming
C. Thomas Howard
University of Denver - Daniels College of Business
Date Posted: February 02, 2013
Last Revised: February 03, 2015
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The Effect of Stock Spam on Financial Markets
Rainer Böhme and Thorsten Holz
University of Innsbruck and University of Mannheim - Laboratory for Dependable Distributed Systems, University of Mannheim
Date Posted: April 21, 2006
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Measuring Governance, Corruption, and State Capture: How Firms and Bureaucrats Shape the Business Environment in Transition Economies
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 2312
Daniel Kaufmann, Joel S. Hellman, Geraint Jones and Mark A. Schankerman
Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), World Bank - Governance and Public Sector Reform, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Department of Economics and London School of Economics and Political Science
Date Posted: June 05, 2001
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Empirical Limitations on High Frequency Trading Profitability
Michael Kearns, Alex Kulesza and Yuriy Nevmyvaka
University of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania and University of Pennsylvania
Date Posted: September 22, 2010
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Neuroeconomics: How Neuroscience Can Inform Economics
Journal of Economic Literature, Forthcoming
Colin Camerer, George Loewenstein and Drazen Prelec
California Institute of Technology - Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University - Department of Social and Decision Sciences and MIT Sloan
Date Posted: September 17, 2004
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The Modelling of Operational Risk: Experience with the Analysis of the Data Collected by the Basel Committee
Marco Moscadelli
Bank of Italy - Banking and Finance Supervision Department
Date Posted: July 30, 2004
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The PII Problem: Privacy and a New Concept of Personally Identifiable Information
New York University Law Review, Vol. 86, p. 1814, 2011, UC Berkeley Public Law Research Paper No. 1909366, GWU Legal Studies Research Paper No. 584, GWU Law School Public Law Research Paper No. 584
Paul M. Schwartz and Daniel J. Solove
University of California, Berkeley - School of Law and George Washington University Law School
Date Posted: August 15, 2011
Last Revised: March 11, 2014
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Risk Assessment for Banking Systems
14th Annual Utah Winter Finance Conference Paper; EFA 2003 Annual Conference Paper No. 437
Helmut Elsinger, Alfred Lehar and Martin Summer
Austrian National Bank - Economic Studies Division, University of Calgary - Haskayne School of Business and Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)
Date Posted: August 25, 2004
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Data Mining and the Security-Liberty Debate
University of Chicago Law Review, Vol. 74, p. 343, 2008, GWU Law School Public Law Research Paper No. 278
Daniel J. Solove
George Washington University Law School
Date Posted: June 01, 2007
Last Revised: February 27, 2014
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Evidence and Ideology in Assessing the Effectiveness of Financial Literacy Education
San Diego Law Review, Vol. 46, p. 415, 2009, U of Penn Law School, Public Law Research Paper No. 08-08, Loyola-LA Legal Studies Paper No. 2008-6
Lauren E. Willis
Loyola Law School Los Angeles
Date Posted: February 28, 2008
Last Revised: April 16, 2010
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Worlds for Study: Invitation - Virtual Worlds for Studying Real-World Business (and Law, and Politics, and Sociology, and....)
Robert J. Bloomfield
Cornell University - Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
Date Posted: May 25, 2007
Last Revised: December 09, 2012
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Do People Mean What They Say? Implications For Subjective Survey Data
MIT Economics Working Paper No. 01-04
Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan
University of Chicago - Booth School of Business and Harvard University - Department of Economics
Date Posted: February 14, 2001
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Return Predictability Revisited
EFA 2007 Ljubljana Meetings Paper, 21st Australasian Finance and Banking Conference 2008 Paper
Ben Jacobsen, Ben R. Marshall and Nuttawat Visaltanachoti
Tilburg University - TIAS School for Business and Society, Massey University - School of Economics and Finance and Massey University - Department of Economics and Finance
Date Posted: February 25, 2007
Last Revised: November 19, 2009
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper How Not to Count the Poor
Thomas Pogge and Sanjay G. Reddy
Yale University, Global Justice Program and The New School - Department of Economics
Date Posted: March 28, 2006
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Realized Variance and Market Microstructure Noise
Peter Reinhard Hansen and Asger Lunde
University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill - Department of Economics and University of Aarhus - School of Economics and Management
Date Posted: February 26, 2004
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Dictators and Their Viziers: Endogenizing the Loyalty-Competence Trade-Off
Journal of European Economic Association, Vol. 9, No. 5, pp. 903–930, October 2011,
Georgy Egorov and Konstantin Sonin
Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management and University of Chicago - Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies
Date Posted: December 09, 2004
Last Revised: December 03, 2011
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Productivity Through Coffee Breaks: Changing Social Networks by Changing Break Structure
Benjamin N. Waber, Daniel Olguin Olguin, Taemie Kim and Alex Pentland
MIT - Media Laboratory, MIT - Media Laboratory, MIT - Media Laboratory and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Date Posted: April 11, 2010
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Stochastic Frontier Analysis Using Stata
CEIS Working Paper No. 251
Federico Belotti, Silvio Daidone, Giuseppe Ilardi and Vincenzo Atella
University of Rome, Tor Vergata - Department of Economics and Finance, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Bank of Italy and University of Rome, Tor Vergata - Centre for International Studies on Economic Growth (CEIS)
Date Posted: September 13, 2012
Last Revised: March 03, 2014
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Risk Analysis of Accounting Information System Infrastructure
Arsenie Samoil Mihalache
"Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University - Iaşi, România - Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - Doctoral School of Economics
Date Posted: February 15, 2011
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Instructional Manipulation Checks: Detecting Satisficing to Increase Statistical Power
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 45, pp. 867-872, 2009
Daniel M. Oppenheimer, Tom Meyvis and Nicolas Davidenko
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Anderson School of Management, New York University (NYU) - Department of Marketing and Stanford University
Date Posted: July 27, 2007
Last Revised: August 17, 2009
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Bankscope Dataset: Getting Started
Thibaut Duprey and Mathias LÉ
Bank of Canada and Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR)
Date Posted: December 20, 2012
Last Revised: September 22, 2016
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) - Evolution, Scope and Enhancements
SOEPpaper No. 1
Gert G. Wagner, Joachim R. Frick and Jürgen Schupp
German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) (Deceased) and German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin)
Date Posted: November 11, 2007
Last Revised: July 13, 2010
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Asset Allocation and Long-Term Returns: An Empirical Approach
Stephen Coggeshall and Guowei Wu
Morgan Stanley and Morgan Stanley
Date Posted: January 02, 2006
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Internet Filtering in China
IEEE Internet Computing, March/April 2003
Jonathan L. Zittrain and Benjamin G. Edelman
Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Harvard University - HBS Negotiations, Organizations and Markets Unit
Date Posted: April 29, 2003
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper A Framework for Addressing and Measuring Entrepreneurship
OECD Statistics Working Paper No. 2
Nadim Ahmad and Anders Hoffmann
Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) and Government of the Kingdom of Denmark - Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority
Date Posted: February 05, 2008
Last Revised: February 22, 2008
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Computer Programming and the Law: A New Research Agenda
Villanova Law Review, Forthcoming, U of Colorado Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 09-08
Paul Ohm
Georgetown University Law Center
Date Posted: April 02, 2009
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper An Extension of the Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition Technique to Logit and Probit Models
Yale University Economic Growth Center Discussion Paper No. 873, IZA Discussion Paper No. 1917
Robert W. Fairlie
University of California, Santa Cruz - Department of Economics
Date Posted: January 26, 2006
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Downloading Wisdom from Online Crowds
Albert Saiz and Uri Simonsohn
University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School and University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School
Date Posted: June 03, 2007
Last Revised: June 19, 2014
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper An Alternative Interpretation of the Discontinuity in Earnings Distributions
William H. Beaver, Maureen F. McNichols and Karen K. Nelson
Stanford University, Stanford University and Texas Christian University - Department of Accounting
Date Posted: January 20, 2004
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper On the Construction of Common Size, Value and Momentum Factors in International Stock Markets: A Guide with Applications
Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper No. 10-58
Peter Steffen Schmidt, Urs von Arx, Andreas Schrimpf, Alexander F. Wagner and Andreas Ziegler
University of Zurich - Department of Banking and Finance, ETH Zürich, Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - Monetary and Economic Department, University of Zurich - Department of Banking and Finance and University of Kassel
Date Posted: January 12, 2011
Last Revised: February 11, 2017
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Summary Indicators of Product Market Regulation with an Extension to Employment Protection Legislation
OECD, ECO Working Paper No. 226
Giuseppe Nicoletti, Stefano Scarpetta and Oliver Boylaud
Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) - Economics Department (ECO), OECD, Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs and Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) - Economics Department (ECO)
Date Posted: February 11, 2000
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Bargaining in the Shadow of Big Data
Florida Law Review, Vol. 66, No. 5, 2014
Drury D. Stevenson and Nicholas J. Wagoner
South Texas College of Law and South Texas College of Law Alumni
Date Posted: September 14, 2013
Last Revised: April 03, 2014
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Micro-Symposium on Orin Kerr's 'A Theory of Law'
Green Bag 2d, Vol. 16, No. 2, 2013, pp. 213-226, Journal of Law: A Periodical Laboratory of Legal Scholarship, Vol. 2, No. 3, 2012, pp. 487-502, George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 13-05, San Diego Legal Studies Paper No. 13-105
Laura I Appleman, Shawn Bayern, Adam D. Chandler, Robert D. Cheren, Miriam A. Cherry, Ross E. Davies, Lee Anne Fennell, Paul A. Gowder Jr., Caitlin Hartsell, Kieran Healy, Robert A. James, Jeffrey H. Kahn, Orin S. Kerr, Jacob T. Levy, Jeffrey M. Lipshaw, Orly Lobel, Geoffrey A. Manne, Chad M. Oldfather, Ronak Patel, Jeffrey A. Pojanowski, Alexandra J. Roberts, Kent Scheidegger, Arthur Stock and Anders Walker
Willamette University College of Law, Florida State University - College of Law, Yale University - Law School, Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Saint Louis University - School of Law, George Mason University - Antonin Scalia Law School, Faculty, University of Chicago - Law School, University of Iowa - College of Law, Washington University in St. Louis, Duke University, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, Florida State University - College of Law, The George Washington University Law School, McGill University - Department of Political Science, Suffolk University Law School, University of San Diego School of Law, International Center for Law & Economics (ICLE), Marquette University - Law School, Independent, Notre Dame Law School, University of New Hampshire School of Law, Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, Berger & Montague, P .C. and Saint Louis University - School of Law
Date Posted: January 18, 2013
Last Revised: September 22, 2013
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper lclogit: A Stata Module for Estimating Latent Class Conditional Logit Models via the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
UNSW Australian School of Business Research Paper No. 2012 ECON 49
Daniele Pacifico and Hong Il Yoo
Italian Department of the Treasury and Durham Business School
Date Posted: November 12, 2012
Last Revised: October 06, 2013
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Is Indian Stock Market Related with Exchange Rate and Inflation? An Empirical Test Using Time Series
Paritosh Kumar affiliation not provided to SSRN
Date Posted: October 15, 2008
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Operators on Inhomogeneous Time Series
Olsen & Associates Working Paper No. 324
Gilles O. Zumbach and Ulrich A. Müller
Independent and Olsen & Associates
Date Posted: March 21, 2000
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Regulation and Growth
Simeon Djankov, Caralee McLiesh and Rita Maria Ramalho
London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), World Bank - International Finance Corporation (IFC) and World Bank Group - Private Sector Advisory Services Department
Date Posted: March 29, 2006
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Doing Quantitative Field Research in Management Accounting
Shannon W. Anderson and Sally K. Widener
University of California, Davis - Graduate School of Management and Clemson University
Date Posted: November 02, 2005
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Defining Entrepreneurial Activity: Definitions Supporting Frameworks for Data Collection
OECD Statistics Working Paper
Nadim Ahmad and Richard G. Seymour
Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) and University of Sydney Business School
Date Posted: February 06, 2008
Last Revised: August 30, 2014
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Forecasting Stock Market with Neural Networks
Tsong-Wuu Lin Sr. and Chan-Chien Yu Sr.
Department of Computer Science and Information Management, Soochow University, Taiwan and Department of Computer Science and Information Management, Soochow University, Taiwan
Date Posted: January 19, 2009
Last Revised: January 28, 2009
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper An Empirical Analysis of Auditor Reporting and Its Association with Abnormal Accruals
Simon Business School Working Paper No. FR 02-06
Marty Butler, Andrew J. Leone and Michael Willenborg
AlixPartners LLP, University of Miami and University of Connecticut - Department of Accounting
Date Posted: February 01, 2002
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Measuring Globalization
IZA Discussion Paper No. 817
Torben M. Andersen and Tryggvi Thor Herbertsson
University of Aarhus - Department of Economics and University of Reykjavik
Date Posted: August 17, 2003
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Analyzing Speech to Detect Financial Misreporting
Journal of Accounting Research, Forthcoming
Jessen L. Hobson, William J. Mayew and Mohan Venkatachalam
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Duke University - Fuqua School of Business and Duke University - Fuqua School of Business
Date Posted: January 06, 2010
Last Revised: October 10, 2011
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Index for Measurement of the Level of Tertiary Education in Developing Countries: Theory and Application
Anatoliy A. Shiyan and Liliya O. Nikiforova
Vinnitsa National Technical University (VNTU) and Vinnitsa National Technical University (VNTU)
Date Posted: April 02, 2012
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Digital Forensics: Challenges and Future Research Directions
Simon M and Choo K-K R 2014. Digital forensics: Challenges and future research directions. In Il-Su Kim and Jianhong Liu (editors), Contemporary Trends in Asian Criminal Justice: Paving the Way for the Future, pp. 105-146, Seoul: South Korea, Korean Institute of Criminology
Matthew Simon and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
University of South Australia and The University of Texas at San Antonio
Date Posted: April 08, 2014
Accepted Paper Series


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