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Incl. Electronic Paper Drugged Out: How Cognitive Bias Hurts Drug Innovation
51 San Diego Law Review 419 (2014)
Cynthia M. Ho
Loyola University of Chicago School of Law
Date Posted: September 01, 2013
Last Revised: August 09, 2014
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Explaining the Housing Bubble
Georgetown Law Journal, Vol. 100, No. 4, pp. 1177-1258, University of Pennsylvania Institute for Law & Economics Research Paper No. 10-15, Georgetown Public Law Research Paper No. 10-60, Georgetown Law and Economics Research Paper No. 10-16
Adam J. Levitin and Susan M. Wachter
Georgetown University Law Center and University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School, Department of Real Estate
Date Posted: September 01, 2010
Last Revised: May 07, 2015
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper A Short Treatise on Fantasy Sports and the Law: How America Regulates its New National Pastime
Harvard Journal of Sports & Entertainment Law, Vol. 3, January 2012
Marc Edelman
City University of New York - Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business
Date Posted: August 09, 2011
Last Revised: April 05, 2012
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper 100 Questions (and Answers) About IFRS
Rachel F. Baskerville
Victoria University of Wellington - School of Accounting and Commercial Law
Date Posted: January 25, 2010
Last Revised: May 17, 2015
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Navigating the Legal Risks of Daily Fantasy Sports: A Detailed Primer in Federal and State Gambling Law
2016 University of Illinois Law Review 117 (2016)
Marc Edelman
City University of New York - Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business
Date Posted: April 01, 2015
Last Revised: February 08, 2016
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper A Consumer-Welfare Approach to Network Neutrality Regulation of the Internet
Journal of Competition Law & Economics, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 349-474, September 2006
J. Gregory Sidak
Criterion Economics, L.L.C.
Date Posted: September 06, 2006
Last Revised: October 22, 2012
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The Concept of Dominance in EC Competition Law
Damien Geradin, Nicolas Petit, Mike Walker, Paul Hofer and Frédéric Louis
Tilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC), University of Liege - School of Law, Charles River Associates, Incorporated, NERA Economic Consulting and Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
Date Posted: August 05, 2005
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver
AEI-Brookings Joint Center Working Paper No. 04-13
David L. Strayer, Dennis J. Crouch and Frank A. Drews
University of Utah, University of Utah and University of Utah
Date Posted: July 28, 2004
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Entrepreneurship and Indian Economy: Role of Government Policies in Entrepreneurship Development.
Shantanu Bagchi and Debabrata Pal
Towson University - Department of Economics and Jadavpur University
Date Posted: November 29, 2005
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Pricing Abuses by Essential Patent Holders in a Standard-Setting Context: A View from Europe
Damien Geradin
Tilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC)
Date Posted: July 31, 2008
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Measuring Economic Policy Uncertainty
Chicago Booth Research Paper No. 13-02
Scott R. Baker, Nicholas Bloom and Steven J. Davis
Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, Department of Finance, Stanford University - Department of Economics and University of Chicago
Date Posted: January 09, 2013
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper DG Comp's Discussion Paper on Article 82: Implications of the Proposed Framework and Antitrust Rules for Dynamically Competitive Industries
Damien Geradin, Christian Ahlborn, Vincenzo Denicolò and Jorge Padilla
Tilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC), Linklaters LLP, University of Bologna and Compass Lexecon
Date Posted: April 05, 2006
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The Benefits and Costs of Ethanol: An Evaluation of the Government's Analysis
AEI-Brookings Joint Center Working Paper No. 07-17, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Forthcoming
Robert W. Hahn and Caroline Cecot
University of Oxford, Smith School and George Mason University - Antonin Scalia Law School, Faculty
Date Posted: November 08, 2007
Last Revised: October 14, 2013
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Dynamic Competition in Antitrust Law
J. Competition Law & Ecomics, Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 581–631, December 2009,
J. Gregory Sidak and David Teece
Criterion Economics, L.L.C. and Institute for Business Innovation
Date Posted: September 29, 2009
Last Revised: January 18, 2014
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper How Governments Can Promote Automated Driving
New Mexico Law Review, Forthcoming
Bryant Walker Smith
University of South Carolina - School of Law
Date Posted: March 19, 2016
Last Revised: October 19, 2016
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Market Definition in Two-Sided Markets: Theory and Practice
TILEC Discussion Paper No. 2013-009, Tilburg Law School Research Paper No. 09/2013
Lapo Filistrucchi, Damien Geradin, Eric van Damme and Pauline Affeldt
Tilburg University, TILEC, Tilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC), TILEC and CentER, Tilburg University and German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin)
Date Posted: July 07, 2013
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper A New Account of Personalization and Effective Communication
Douglas A. Galbi
Federal Communications Commission
Date Posted: October 08, 2001
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper China: Creating a Legal System for a Market Economy
Asian Development Bank, 2007, GWU Legal Studies Research Paper No. 396, GWU Law School Public Law Research Paper No. 396
Donald C. Clarke
George Washington University Law School
Date Posted: February 26, 2008
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Should Uber Be Allowed to Compete in Europe? And If so How?
Forthcoming in Competition Policy International (2015), George Mason Legal Studies Research Paper No. LS 15-11, George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 15-29
Damien Geradin
Tilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC)
Date Posted: June 08, 2015
Last Revised: September 03, 2015
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper New Governance, Compliance, and Principles-Based Securities Regulation
American Business Law Journal, Forthcoming
Cristie Ford
University of British Columbia Faculty of Law
Date Posted: March 15, 2007
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Anatomy of a Train Wreck: Causes of the Mortgage Meltdown
HOUSING AMERICA: BUILDING OUT OF A CRISIS, Benjamin Powell, Randall Holcomb, eds., Transaction Publishers, 2009
Stan J. Liebowitz
University of Texas at Dallas - School of Management - Department of Finance & Managerial Economics
Date Posted: August 08, 2008
Last Revised: September 10, 2008
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Twenty Years of Liberalization of Network Industries in the European Union: Where Do We Go Now?
Damien Geradin
Tilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC)
Date Posted: November 24, 2006
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The Impact of Post 9/11 Airport Security Measures on the Demand for Air Travel
Journal of Law and Economics, Forthcoming
Garrick Blalock, Vrinda Kadiyali and Daniel H. Simon
Cornell University - School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University - Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and Indiana University Bloomington - School of Public & Environmental Affairs (SPEA)
Date Posted: October 23, 2007
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper A SSNIP Test for Two-Sided Markets: The Case of Media
NET Institute Working Paper No. 08-34
Lapo Filistrucchi
Tilburg University, TILEC
Date Posted: October 29, 2008
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Are Commissioner Suspensions Really Any Different from Illegal Group Boycotts? Analyzing Whether the NFL Personal Conduct Policy Illegally Restrains Trade
Catholic University Law Review, Vol. 58, 2009
Marc Edelman
City University of New York - Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business
Date Posted: July 02, 2009
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Esports Corruption: Gambling, Doping, and Global Governance
Forthcoming in the Maryland Journal of International Law
John T. Holden, Ryan M. Rodenberg and Anastasios Kaburakis
Florida State University, Florida State University - College of Education and Saint Louis University - John Cook School of Business
Date Posted: September 01, 2016
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Do Some Outside Directors Play a Political Role?
Anup Agrawal and Charles R. Knoeber
University of Alabama - Culverhouse College of Commerce & Business Administration and North Carolina State University - Poole College of Management
Date Posted: June 20, 2000
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Identifying Two-Sided Markets
TILEC Discussion Paper No. 2012-008
Lapo Filistrucchi, Damien Geradin and Eric van Damme
Tilburg University, TILEC, Tilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC) and TILEC and CentER, Tilburg University
Date Posted: February 21, 2012
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The District Court Decision in O'Bannon v. National Collegiate Athletic Association: A Small Step Forward for College Athlete Rights, and a Gateway for Far Grander Change
72 Washington and Lee Law Review 2319 (2014)
Marc Edelman
City University of New York - Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business
Date Posted: September 03, 2014
Last Revised: December 18, 2014
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper After the Spill is Gone: The Gulf of Mexico, Environmental Crime, and the Criminal Law
Michigan Law Review, Vol. 109, p. 1413, 2011, U of Michigan Public Law Working Paper No. 227
David M. Uhlmann
University of Michigan Law School
Date Posted: January 16, 2011
Last Revised: June 15, 2014
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The Unequal Enforcement of Liberalization: Evidence from Russia's Reform of Business Regulation
Journal of the European Economic Association, Forthcoming
Evgeny Yakovlev and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
New Economic School and Paris School of Economics
Date Posted: February 28, 2007
Last Revised: October 24, 2011
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The Three Pillars of Corporate Social Reporting as New Governance Regulation: Disclosure, Dialogue and Development
Ross School of Business Paper No. 1112
David Hess
The Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan
Date Posted: July 28, 2008
Last Revised: September 08, 2008
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Microeconomia delle Reti e degli Standards (Microeconomics of Networks)
Maria-Augusta Miceli
University of Rome
Date Posted: May 16, 2014
Last Revised: May 17, 2017
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The Dangers of Denial: The Need for a Clear-Eyed Understanding of the Power and Accountability Structure Established by the Delaware General Corporation Law
Wake Forest Law Review, Vol. 50, Pg. 761, 2015, U of Penn, Inst for Law & Econ Research Paper No. 15-08
Leo E. Strine Jr.
Government of the State of Delaware - Supreme Court of Delaware
Date Posted: March 11, 2015
Last Revised: September 30, 2016
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper From Energy Sector Inquiry to Recent Antitrust Decisions in European Energy Markets: Competition Law as a Means to Implement Sector Regulation
Michael D. Diathesopoulos
University of Cambridge - Faculty of Law
Date Posted: July 15, 2010
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Is Satisfaction Success? Evaluating Public Participation in Regulatory Policymaking
Cary Coglianese
University of Pennsylvania Law School
Date Posted: September 22, 2002
Last Revised: February 12, 2012
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Regulating Search Engines: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
Yale Journal of Law & Technology, Vol. 9, p. 124, 2006, Berkman Center Research Publication No. 2006-03
Urs Gasser
Harvard University - Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society
Date Posted: June 20, 2006
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Fiduciary Rationality and Public Policy: The Theory of Agency and Some Consequences
1973 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, New Orleans, LA. In Proceedings of the American Political Science Association, 1973
Barry M. Mitnick
University of Pittsburgh
Date Posted: October 11, 2007
Last Revised: August 27, 2015
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Activating Actavis
Antitrust Magazine, Fall 2013, at 16, Columbia Law and Economics Working Paper No. 457
Aaron S. Edlin, C. Scott Hemphill, Herbert J. Hovenkamp and Carl Shapiro
University of California at Berkeley, New York University School of Law, University of Iowa - College of Law and University of California, Berkeley - Haas School of Business
Date Posted: August 30, 2013
Last Revised: December 30, 2013
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Competition Policy and Sector-Specific Regulation for Network Industries
MPI Collective Goods Preprint, No. 2008/29
Martin F. Hellwig
Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods
Date Posted: September 29, 2008
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Is Google the Next Microsoft? Competition, Welfare and Regulation in Internet Search
Rufus Pollock
University of Cambridge - Faculty of Economics and Politics
Date Posted: September 09, 2008
Last Revised: October 25, 2012
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The Role of Policy and Institutions for Productivity and Firm Dynamics: Evidence from Micro and Industry Data
OECD Economics Department Working Paper No. 329
Stefano Scarpetta, Philip Hemmings, Thierry Tressel and Jaejoon Woo
OECD, Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) - Economics Department (ECO), International Monetary Fund (IMF) - Research Department and International Monetary Fund (IMF) - Fiscal Affairs Department
Date Posted: May 06, 2002
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Privatization Experiences in France
CESifo Working Paper Series No. 1195
Michel Berne and Gerard Pogorel
SGES and Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications - GET
Date Posted: June 01, 2004
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Do Anti-Ticket Scalping Laws Make a Difference Online? Evidence from Internet Sales of Nfl Tickets
Daniel W. Elfenbein
Washington University in St. Louis - John M. Olin Business School
Date Posted: September 27, 2004
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper The Future of Amateurism after Antitrust Scrutiny: Why a Win for the Plaintiffs in the NCAA Student-Athlete Name & Likeness Licensing Litigation Will Not Lead to the Demise of College Sports
Oregon Law Review, Vol. 92, No. 4, 2014
Marc Edelman
City University of New York - Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business
Date Posted: January 06, 2014
Last Revised: August 08, 2014
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Geolocation and Federalism on the Internet: Cutting Internet Gambling’s Gordian Knot
Columbia Science and Technology Law Review, Vol. XI, 2010
Kevin F. King
United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
Date Posted: July 14, 2009
Last Revised: May 18, 2014
Accepted Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Regulatory and Competition Law Remedies in the Postal Sector
Damien Geradin and David Henry
Tilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC) and University of Liege
Date Posted: June 02, 2004
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Energy and India's Foreign Policy
Program on Energy and Sustainable Development (PESD) Working Paper No. 75
Jeremy Carl, Varun Rai and David G. Victor
Stanford University - Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, University of Texas at Austin - LBJ School of Public Affairs and UC San Diego, School of Global Policy and Strategy
Date Posted: May 07, 2009
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper A New Way to Govern: Because 'World Best Practices' are the Problem Not the Solution
Chartered Secretaries Australia 2nd Annual Corporate Governance Symposium
Shann Turnbull
International Institute for Self-Governance
Date Posted: May 04, 2003
Working Paper Series

Incl. Electronic Paper Foolish Revenge or Shrewd Regulation? Financial-Industry Tax Law Reforms Proposed in the Wake of the Financial Crisis
Tulane Law Review, Vol. 85, No. 191, 2010
Richard T. Page
Georgetown University Law Center
Date Posted: December 14, 2010
Accepted Paper Series


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