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Big Data's Disparate Impact

104 California Law Review 671 (2016)
Number of pages: 62 Posted: 11 Aug 2014 Last Revised: 30 Sep 2016
Solon Barocas and Andrew D. Selbst
Microsoft Research and Yale Information Society Project
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big data, data mining, algorithms, discrimination, employment discrimination, Title VII, civil rights, disparate treatment, disparate impact, procedural fairness, substantive fairness, inequality


Governing Algorithms: A Provocation Piece

Number of pages: 12 Posted: 04 Apr 2013 Last Revised: 08 Apr 2013
Solon Barocas, Sophie Hood and Malte Ziewitz
Microsoft Research, New York University (NYU) and Cornell University
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algorithms, governance, automation, computation, big data, sociology, law, public policy, control


Adnostic: Privacy Preserving Targeted Advertising

Proceedings Network and Distributed System Symposium, March 2010
Number of pages: 23 Posted: 20 Feb 2015
Commission Nationale de L'informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), Princeton University, Stanford University, New York University and Microsoft Research
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privacy, software, advertising, tracking, online behavioral advertising, big data


Data & Civil Rights: Technology Primer

Data & Civil Rights Conference, October 2014
Number of pages: 7 Posted: 16 Dec 2014 Last Revised: 23 Dec 2014
Microsoft Research, Data & Society Research Institute, Data & Society Research Institute, New America Foundation - Open Technology Institute and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
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Data, metadata, big data, database, aggregation, algorithms, machine learning, data mining


On Notice: The Trouble with Notice and Consent

Proceedings of the Engaging Data Forum: The First International Forum on the Application and Management of Personal Electronic Information, October 2009
Number of pages: 7 Posted: 21 Feb 2015
Solon Barocas and Helen Nissenbaum
Microsoft Research and New York University
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privacy, consent, big data, online behavioral advertising, tracking, cyberlaw, privacy policies


Discriminating Tastes: Customer Ratings as Vehicles for Bias

Number of pages: 21 Posted: 27 Oct 2016 Last Revised: 01 Nov 2016
Alex Rosenblat, Karen EC Levy, Solon Barocas and Tim Hwang
Data & Society Research Institute, Cornell University, Microsoft Research and Data & Society Research Institute
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platforms, data, discrimination, bias, inequality, ratings, sharing economy, algorithm


Exploring or Exploiting? Social and Ethical Implications of Autonomous Experimentation in AI

Workshop on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning, 2016
Number of pages: 4 Posted: 04 Oct 2016 Last Revised: 13 Oct 2016
Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Research, Microsoft Research, Microsoft Research and Microsoft Research New York City
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Autonomous Experimentation, Artificial Intelligence, Privacy, Ethics


Accountable Algorithms

University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Vol. 165, 2017 Forthcoming, Fordham Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2765268
Number of pages: 66 Posted: 16 Apr 2016 Last Revised: 20 Nov 2016
Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University, Princeton University - Center for Information Technology Policy, Microsoft Research, Princeton University - Center for Information Technology Policy, Fordham University School of Law, Information Society Project at Yale Law School and Princeton University - Center for Information Technology Policy
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algorithms, governance, accountability, internet, cyber, technology, bias, discrimination, computational methods, law, big data, computer science, code