Matija Lozej

University of Primorska

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Central Bank of Ireland

Economist, Macro Modelling Project

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Scholarly Papers (7)


Comparing Fiscal Multipliers Across Models and Countries in Europe

ECB Working Paper No. 1760
Number of pages: 48 Posted: 12 Mar 2015
Bank of Finland - Research, Bank of Italy, European Central Bank (ECB), Sveriges Riksbank - Monetary Policy, Czech National Bank, Goethe University Frankfurt, Banco de España, Bank of Portugal, Bank of Estonia, Banque de France, University of Primorska, Sveriges Riksbank, Bank of Portugal, Central Bank of Malta - Modelling and Research Office, Bank of Greece, Czech National Bank (CNB), Bank of Greece, Banco de España and Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix (FUNDP) - Faculty of Economics, Management and Social Sciences
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fiscal policy, output multipliers, model comparison, zero lower bound


Real and Financial Cycles in EU Countries: Stylised Facts and Modelling Implications

ECB Occasional Paper No. 205, ISBN: 978-92-899-3364-3
Number of pages: 68 Posted: 11 Jan 2018
European Central Bank, Bank of Greece, European Central Bank (ECB), Bank of Latvia, Bank of Lithuania - Economics Department, National Bank of Belgium, Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) - Department of Economics, Banque Centrale du Luxembourg, Bank of Finland - Research, De Nederlandsche Bank, Bank of Portugal - Economic Research Department, European Central Bank (ECB) - Directorate General Research, Bank of Estonia, Croatian National Bank, Bank of Slovenia, National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), University of Primorska, Deutsche Bundesbank - Economics Department, Bank of Greece, National Bank of Denmark, Banco de España, Hans-Boeckler-Stiftung - Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK), Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank and European Central Bank
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financial cycles, synchronicity, real-time estimates, DSGE models


Labour Market Modelling in the Light of the Financial Crisis

ECB Occasional Paper No. 175
Number of pages: 69 Posted: 25 Aug 2016
De Nederlandsche Bank, Bank of Italy, Czech National Bank (CNB), Goethe University Frankfurt, Bank of Latvia, Sveriges Riksbank - Monetary Policy, Bank of Finland - Research, Sveriges Riksbank, Czech National Bank, Banque de France, Bank of Estonia, University of Primorska, Central Bank of Malta - Modelling and Research Office, Bank of Greece, Bank of Finland and National Bank of Slovakia
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labour market, financial crisis, unemployment, output, macroeconomic models of the labour market


Countercyclical Capital Regulation in a Small Open Economy DSGE Model

ECB Working Paper No. 2144; ISBN: 978-92-899-3249-3
Number of pages: 74 Posted: 20 Apr 2018
Matija Lozej, Luca Onorante and Ansgar Rannenberg
University of Primorska, European Central Bank (ECB) and National Bank of Belgium
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bank capital, countercyclical capital regulation, housing bubbles, boom-and-bust


The Effects of Government Spending in a Small Open Economy within a Monetary Union

ECB Working Paper No. 1727
Number of pages: 73 Posted: 26 Aug 2014
Daragh Clancy, Pascal Jacquinot and Matija Lozej
Central Bank of Ireland, European Central Bank (ECB) and University of Primorska
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fiscal policy, public capital, imbalances, trade


Labour Tax Reforms, Cross-Country Coordination and the Monetary Policy Stance in the Euro Area: A Structural Model-Based Approach

ECB Working Paper No. 2127
Number of pages: 83 Posted: 02 Feb 2018
European Central Bank (ECB), University of Primorska and Bank of Italy
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DSGE models, labour taxes, unemployment, monetary union, open-economy macroeconomics


Business investment in EU countries

ECB Occasional Paper No. 215
Number of pages: 101 Posted: 30 Oct 2018
European Central Bank, Bank of Greece, Bank of Finland, Goethe University Frankfurt, Bank of Latvia, De Nederlandsche Bank, Bank of Italy, Bank of Portugal, European Central Bank (ECB), University of Primorska, Banco de España, Deutsche Bundesbank, Cyprus University of Technology, Bank of Greece, De Nederlandsche Bank - Research Department, Croatian National Bank, European Central Bank (ECB), Bank of Italy, Národná banka Slovenska, National Bank of Denmark, Bank of Portugal and Banco de España
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business investment, uncertainty, monetary policy, capital misallocation