Thomas G. Moore

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Brief of Amici Curiae Economists in Support of Petitioners, Bell Atlantic V. Twombly

Number of pages: 30 Posted: 21 Jan 2009
New York University - Stern School of Business, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Stanford University - The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Brookings Institution, University of Virginia - Department of Economics, Global Economics Group, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Department of Economics, Vanderbilt University - Owen Graduate School of Management, University of California, Berkeley - Department of Economics, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, University of California, Berkeley - Economic Analysis & Policy Group, Stanford University, affiliation not provided to SSRN, New York University (NYU) - Department of Economics, Northwestern University - Department of Economics, Harvard University - Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Sloan School of Management, Georgetown University, University of Texas at Austin - Department of Economics, Chapman University - Economic Science Institute, University of Chicago - Booth School of Business, Stanford Graduate School of Business, University of California, Berkeley - Business & Public Policy Group, Stanford University - Law School, Institute for Business Innovation and Sloan School of Management and Department of Economics
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Twombly, Bell Atlantic, Bell Atlantic v Twombly, Amici Curiae, Sherman Section 1