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Understanding Big Data: Data Calculus in the Digital Era

Rotman School of Management Working Paper No. 3791018, Columbia Business School Research Paper Forthcoming
Number of pages: 86 Posted: 25 Feb 2021
Cheung Kong Graduate School of BusinessLuohan Academy, Columbia University - Columbia Business School, Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Department of Economics, Princeton University - Department of Economics, London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), Stanford Graduate School of Business, International Monetary Fund (IMF), University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business, Princeton University - Department of Economics, University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management, Luohan Academy, Luohan Academy, Luohan Academy, Luohan Academy, Princeton University - Department of Economics and Bendheim Center for Finance and Ant Financial
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big data, data economics, information economics, privacy, market competition


Fintech Credit Risk Assessment for SMEs: Evidence from China

IMF Working Paper No. 20/193
Number of pages: 43 Posted: 30 Oct 2020
Peking University, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Independent, Independent, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Independent
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Fintech, Machine learning, Bank credit, Loans, Credit risk, WP, credit history, Fintech firm, house ownership, internet company, real-time customer rating


Local Government Financing Platforms in China: A Fortune or Misfortune?

IMF Working Paper No. 13/243
Number of pages: 31 Posted: 07 Jan 2014
Yinqiu Lu and Tao Sun
International Monetary Fund and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
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Governance, China, Government expenditures, Revenues, Bond issues, Banks, Credit, local government, sovereign risk, fiscal policy, and capital markets, local governments, local government borrowing, local government debt, local government revenue, local government budgets, local government financing, fiscal gap, fiscal stimulus, fiscal position, municipal bond market, local spending, fiscal deficits, aggregate fiscal, local fiscal relations, fiscal support, fiscal revenue, local government projects, intergovernmental transfers, local business, budget law, taxation, local government officials, local infrastructure, fiscal stimulus package, municipal governments


Sovereign Wealth Funds and Financial Stability - An Event Study Analysis

IMF Working Paper No. 09/239
Number of pages: 18 Posted: 10 Nov 2009
Tao Sun and Heiko Hesse
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
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Asset management, Asset prices, Capital markets, Corporate governance, Developed countries, Domestic investment, Emerging markets, Financial institutions, Financial stability, Sovereign wealth funds


Spillovers of the U.S. Subprime Financial Turmoil to Mainland China and Hong Kong Sar: Evidence from Stock Markets

IMF Working Paper No. 09/166
Number of pages: 43 Posted: 19 Aug 2009
Tao Sun and Xiaojing Zhang
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
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Asset prices, Capital markets, China, People's Republic of, Credit risk, Economic integration, Economic models, External shocks, Financial crisis, Financial sector, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Spillovers, Stock markets, Stock prices, United States


Effects of Capital Flow Liberalization - What is the Evidence from Recent Experiences of Emerging Market Economies?

IMF Working Paper No. 12/275
Number of pages: 28 Posted: 21 Dec 2012
Tahsin Saadi-Sedik and Tao Sun
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
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Capital flows, China, Emerging markets, Capital account liberalization, Capital flow liberalization, emerging market economies, capital flows, dynamic panel data specification, simulations, capital flow, capital flow liberalization, capital adequacy, capital account liberalization, liberalization of capital flows, liberalization of capital, capital inflows, equity returns, capital adequacy ratios, capital outflows, capital markets, capital adequacy ratio, reer, capital movements, capital account convertibility, capital transactions, capital controls, net capital flows, openness to capital flows, border capital flows, real effective exchange rate, capital growth, speculative capital, equity p


How Effective are Macroprudential Policies in China?

IMF Working Paper No. 13/75
Number of pages: 60 Posted: 24 Apr 2013
Bin Wang and Tao Sun
affiliation not provided to SSRN and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
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Macroprudential Policy, China, Financial risk, Banking sector, Systemic risk, Macroprudential policies, Effectiveness, banking, reserve requirement, liquidity ratio, capital adequacy, bank rate, capital adequacy ratio, foreign exchange, bank group, banking corporation, credit policy, bank for international settlements, banking system, banks loans, bank of england, central banking, industrial bank, reserve ratio, banking stability, bank credit, banks ? asset, state bank, bank loans, banking systems, bank governors, tier 1 capital, financial systems, banking supervision, probability of default, excess liquidity, bank size, credit union, bank lending, off balance sheet, bank data, subordinated


Identifying Vulnerabilities in Systemically-Important Financial Institutions in a Macro-Financial Linkages Framework

IMF Working Paper No. 11/111
Number of pages: 40 Posted: 23 May 2011
Tao Sun
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
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Banking crisis, Banking sector, Credit risk, Economic models, Financial institutions


Financial Structures and Economic Outcomes: An Empirical Analysis

IMF Working Paper No. 13/121
Number of pages: 30 Posted: 18 Jun 2013
Tom Gole and Tao Sun
Harvard University - Faculty of Arts and Sciences and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
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Financial intermediation, Financial systems, Banking sector, International banks, financial structures, economic outcomes, fixed-effects panel estimation, financial structure, financial structures, financial system, financial systems, financial stability, financial globalization, financial sector, financial intermediation, bond, bonds, financial intermediaries, financial economics, deposit rate, financial market, financial sector development, domestic financial system, financial markets, financial services, stock market, financial instability, financial institutions, stock markets, money market mutual funds, financial dependence, international finance, financial policies, stock market liquid


Spillovers to Emerging Equity Markets: An Econometric Assessment

IMF Working Paper No. 09/111
Number of pages: 33 Posted: 08 Jun 2009
L. Effie Psalida and Tao Sun
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
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Asset prices, Capital inflows, Capital markets, Economic models, Emerging markets, Spillovers, Stock prices


Does G-4 Liquidity Spill Over?

IMF Working Paper No. 11/237
Number of pages: 30 Posted: 27 Jan 2012
L. Effie Psalida and Tao Sun
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
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liquidity expansion, capital flows, asset valuation, exchange rates


China's Financial Interlinkages and Implications for Inter-Agency Coordination

IMF Working Paper No. 16/181
Number of pages: 31 Posted: 09 Dec 2016
Min Liao, Tao Sun and Jinfan Zhang
International Monetary Fund (IMF), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)
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Financial sector, China, Stock markets, Housing, Markets, Shadow banking, Financial institutions, Economic integration, Systemic risk assessment, financial landscape, risks, policy coordination


The Impact of Global Liquidity on Financial Landscapes and Risks in the ASEAN-5 Countries

IMF Working Paper No. 15/211
Number of pages: 37 Posted: 27 Nov 2015
Tao Sun
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
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financial landscape, liquidity, debt, security, international debt security, International Lending and Debt Problems, financial stability.,