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Four Essays About the Circumstances of Israel: 2017

28 Pages Posted: 13 Aug 2009 Last revised: 20 May 2017

Stephen Kruger


Date Written: May 20, 2017


Essay 1: “The Two-State ‘Solution’: Self-Defeat 101”

Only Israel negotiates its territorial national interests. China does not (e.g., Taiwan). Russia does not (e.g., Chechnia). The United States does not (e.g., the Confederacy).

There is no “principle” of “international law” under which Israel may not annex lands conquered by it in the Arab-Israeli War (1967). Were there that “principle”, it would have been applied to prohibit the annexation by Jordan, in the War for Independence (1948–1949), of part of Jerusalem, and of Judea and Samaria. It was not.

Israel should defend its territorial integrity, as does every other country.

Essay 2: “The Battered Partner”

Mahmoud Abbas stated, in a speech before the United Nations General Assembly (9/25/2015), that the Oslo Accords are dead. The statement should be accepted by Israel, and acted on by Israel. Among the actions by Israel should be the declaration that the “Palestinian Authority”, which arose from the Oslo Accords, is dead.

Essay 3: “Kahane and Free Speech”

Rabbi Meir Kahane was prevented from running for election to the 12th Knesset (election held in 1988). The ground was that his campaign rhetoric was an incitement to racism.

In Israel, the European standard of relative free speech is the legal norm. If the American standard of almost-absolute free speech, as provided in the Speech Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, were the legal norm in Israel, Rabbi Kahane could not have been muzzled by the Israeli political oligarchy and the Israel Supreme Court.

Essay 4: “Two Proclamations”

A campaign promise by Mr. Trump was to support Israel by moving the United States embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Two proclamations regarding Israel are presented, in proper format for issuance.

In one proclamation, the United States recognizes that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and declares that the United States embassy in Israel is to be located in Jerusalem. The other proclamation recognizes the territory which is subject to Israeli control.

Each proclamation is dated January 20, 2017, the day on the day on which the proclamations should have been issued by President Trump, but were not.

Keywords: Aza, Esther, Gaza, International Community, International Law, Judenfrei, Judenrein, Kurdistan, Sanhedrin, Two-State Solution

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