Cyber Prostitution

Posted: 28 Jan 2020

Date Written: December 24, 2019


Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in this world, the countries like India is not an exception to this. In India the prostitution is not an illegal if it is done in with consent and in a room away from public place. However, the work related like kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel, prostitution in a hotel, child prostitution, pimping and pandering are illegal in India. Since from the vedic period the prostitution is a part of our culture from nagar vadhu to devdasi to running a brothel homes, in every phase one thing is common that the women are used for entertainment purpose only known as “prostitutes”.

With the advent of new cyber technology in the globe the prostitution has also changed their path from brothels to online services. The production and distribution of information bring with themselves a new form of exploitation. In the late 90’s the world has revived there entertainment system and bring with them the cyber-prostitution. Cyber prostitution is the unlawful representation of the human body or sexual behaviour with the aim of sexual encouragement on the new medium called Internet. The cyber prostitution is the new medium of ordering sex online. There is no need to visit the brothel homes and select a girl according to the need and personal satisfaction; you just need to order online through a single phone call. It also involves live shows and interactive chat sites only to satisfy the lust of the people. The internet has created the win-win situation for both the women as well as men. The women has have the freedom to produce the large number of content like live shows, sex shows, commercial voyeurism, strip shows in a fraction and second and also the internet provide them to market those content with the large number of people sitting in the globe. The men feel the sense of privacy and enjoy the large number of content. The concept of sex-tourism is also the by- products of internet prostitution. The countries like Netherland, Thailand, Coast Rica, Bali are all famous because of the internet prostitution. These new Webs technology have increased sexual utilization and exploitation by making women and girls more visible and exposed, while enabling men to exploit and abuse women with more isolation and secrecy.

The Prostitution industry has used this technology in a very clever manner and in some cases they had produce new technology in web to exploit more women. There are many methods of online prostitution are available on the websites like Emails, newsgroup, peer to peer servers, chats rooms, etc. The most of services are found on the world wide web although there are large number are content which are available on the private network also. The first Web-based prostitution business, A Personal Touch Services, from Seattle, Washington appeared in 1994. The Internet Business Journal described this site as the most significant Internet marketing innovation of 1994. This endorsement of the sex industry’s marketing on the Internet was an early indication of the mutually beneficial relationship between the Internet and sex industries. In prostitution, women are exposed and vulnerable. They stand on street corners; they strip in clubs and bars; they are used in making pornography; and their photographs are used to advertise escort services, massage parlors and other venues for prostitution. The purpose of sex businesses is to increase women and children’s sexual accessibility to men. While women have never been able to control the pornographic photographs and videos made of them in the sex industry, the global network of the Internet makes the distribution of these images both vaster and more unknown.

The Internet and computer technology have been developed and exploited by sex businesses to offer prostitution to men across the globe . Internet websites provide contact information, specifics on sexual acts that will be performed, pornography of the woman to be sold for sex, coded prices, and reviews by sex buyers. Technology, smart phones and other digital devices make it possible to conduct business, advertise, and increase earnings from women who have for the most part been trafficked or coerced by a combination of joblessness, poverty, racism, and sexism into sex businesses. The most important and controversial problem with the internet prostitution is that is blur the boundaries of the countries because it can be published from anywhere and can be access by anyone. The second major problem with this is the websites like face book and dating site can also provide the contents of the internet prostitution and it is very difficult of the agencies to culminate these acts. The third and most important problem is that this is a very new type of organized crime and many countries like India are absent with the effective laws and Specialized enforcement agencies. In my thesis I am going to highlighting the aspects of internet prostitution, causes and its emerging dimensions with its impact on society. I will also focus on presenting one model law in this regards. The internet prostitution is although very new concept but there is need of an hour to take a safety measure against this because in coming time this will became a social problem of the society and this social problem have the ability to destroy the culture of any country.

Keywords: Prostitution, internet, crime

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