US Air Force–Space Force: Beyond ABMS-JADC2 to Faster-Better-Cheaper ABMS2 JADAC2-JADCAC2: AI-Quantum Cyber-Crypto-EMS Network-Centric Computing with Autonomous Robots in Air & Space: Beyond the ‘Quantum’ Silo to Real-World ‘AI-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum’

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Yogesh Malhotra

Global Risk Management Network, LLC

Date Written: November 20, 2020


What's the Business Case and Value Proposition of Quantum Computing in general and as applicable to Outer Space? How does one distinguish between the hype and reality of Quantum Computing in general and as applicable to Air & Space? Should we be afraid of Quantum Computing in general and as applicable to Outer Space? These are among pivotal questions addressed by this R&D presentation built upon our United States Air Force Air Force Research Lab Commercialization Academy ventures AIMLExchange ™ and C4I-Cyber ™ with Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Computing focus on C4I-Cyber & Cryptography.

Our contextual US Air Force (USAF) focus is on the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2), characterized as the ‘New American Way of War’ to yield “significant advantage over everybody in the world for a long time” by The Joint Staff Chiefs Vice-Chair General John Hyten. Focused on ‘real world’ ‘Systems of Systems’ and ‘Networks of Networks’, we advance beyond pervasive mainstream R&D on Quantum Computing “silos” to elucidate what we see as the new paradigm of the Real Time Network Centric Computing Warfare in the ABMS-JADC2 ‘concept’. By drawing upon our world-leading global practices on Management of Radical Discontinuous Changes (such as ‘Black Swans’), Uncertainty and Complexity, we focus on building most robust and resilient Human-Machine Systems informed by our R&D on Autonomy and Controls adopted by worldwide organizations including NASA and Big Banks.

Drawing upon our R&D on AI & Quantum Uncertainty, Quantum Computing is presented as a solution to the exponentially widespread challenges of Time, Space, and Sensory Complexity central to USAF’s Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) built on most optimal and resilient execution of ABMS-JADC2. Advancing upon our AI-ML-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum Computing and Risk Management practices, Quantum Computing is seen as enabler of ‘Massive Parallelism’ for Exponentially Fast Optimization enabling fast search at ‘speed of light’ for “Options” to Maximize Gains” While Minimizing “Risks.” Advancing beyond AI and Quantum Supremacy hype, we present how “The Hacker” focus leads beyond Command & Control (C2) to Adversarial C2 (AC2) and Counter-Adversarial C2 (CAC2) enabled C4I-Cyber-EMS (Electromagnetic Spectrum) based Control Doctrine to counter the challenges posed by the Adversary’s Unrestricted Warfare.

Contrasts between the opportunities and the limitations of AI and Quantum Computing technologies with focus on Human-Machine Systems are presented in terms of what AI-Quantum can do and cannot do. The AI-Quantum technologies can provide exponential velocity to enable decision-making and response to global and national threats. However, they still lack the very human attributes of Common Sense, Intuition, and, Imagination that are most critical for Uncertainty & Complexity dominance in most highly Uncertain and Dynamically Complex Environments of today and tomorrow. We illustrate the above contrasts by comparing the USAF’s ABMS-JADC2 ‘concept’ and our analysis driven by Common Sense, Intuition, and, Imagination to "Advance beyond much-hyped AI Supremacy and Quantum Supremacy with Command-and-Control EMS Supremacy" for “Faster, Better, Cheaper ABMS2”. By exponentially improving the reliability, validity, and, latency and minimizing the risks and vulnerabilities associated with ABMS-JADC2 models, we propose ABMS2 that foregoes Billions of dollars in expensive ‘hardware’ (what one can see and touch) of multi-million and multi-billion dollar weapon systems with its key focus on C4I-Cyber-EMS enabled Adversarial C2 and Counter-Adversarial C2.

‘Contemplate Faster-Better-Cheaper ABMS2 wherein Adversarial Threat (Hypersonic Missile) is detected and instead of triggering Kill-Chain of the Billions of Dollars worth Multi-Domain Hardware for terminating the Threat, the Threat is simply Electronically "Controlled", "Manipulated", and "Directed" to Target and Terminate the Adversarial Threat Launching Adversary. Advance beyond AI & Quantum Supremacy with C4I-Cyber EMS JADAC2 & JADCAC2 Supremacy which simply exploits available and future Hardware, Software, Network, and, other Vulnerabilities ["weakest links“ in the ‘networks’] for most optimal and economic solutions in not only terminating the Adversarial Threat but also adversarially controlling and manipulating that very Adversarial Threat to liquidate the originating Adversary.’

Current R&D presentation advances our global world development, survival, and, sustainability focused practices related to the United Nations Global National Socio-Economic Development and Global Survival & Sustainability via Knowledge Ventures, Knowledge Societies and Knowledge Ecosystems. We have earlier served on global expert panels of economists for the United Nations New York City World Headquarters as well as global expert panel of world’s most influential Survival & Sustainability experts led by the UNESCO panel of global experts including Nobel laureates on World development, survival and sustainability issues.

Keywords: Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Autonomy, Control, ABMS, JADC2, USAF, USSF, Advanced Battle Management System, Joint All Domain Command & Control, AIMLExchange, C4I-Cyber, US Air Force, US Space Force.

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Malhotra, Yogesh, US Air Force–Space Force: Beyond ABMS-JADC2 to Faster-Better-Cheaper ABMS2 JADAC2-JADCAC2: AI-Quantum Cyber-Crypto-EMS Network-Centric Computing with Autonomous Robots in Air & Space: Beyond the ‘Quantum’ Silo to Real-World ‘AI-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum’ (November 20, 2020). Available at SSRN:

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