Scientific Understanding and Management of Ourselves

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Social Science (ITASS), 2022

127 Pages Posted: 21 Dec 2022

Date Written: August 22, 2022


This paper proposes sweeping changes to how we understand and manage ourselves, presenting the spiritual model of humanity as the correct science people.

Priority goal: The aim of this book is to stimulate discussion on the spiritual model of humanity as the correct science of people, to the point of requesting American Psychological Association (APA) to host a zoom global conference to directly address the question: Is the spiritual model of humanity the correct science of people? Yes/no.

Changes in global social science to improve life experience of people can only flow from such an international informed decision. If no flaw in reasoning can be found, the science valid, then we face the global commitment to cooperation and politics of social change to improve the life of people of the free world.

Crucial fundamental understanding and failure of academe

There can be no secure understanding of science, knowledge, sociology, psychology, ideology, jurisprudence, law, etc., without a scientific general theory of psychology.

Why? Why is the quality of an idea so important?

The spiritual model of humanity is the only theory of humanity that has proved dualism, that is the proposal by Descartes circa 1650, that mind was separate from the body. The consequence of this deepening of understanding of ourselves means the quality of our thinking largely determines the quality of our life experience in every aspect of our life.

The consequence of this position is that the selection of ideas as fit for the purpose of living must be front and center of all intellectual considerations on any subject.

Since all knowledge is created by people, and since the spiritual model of humanity applies to all that people do, it follows that intrinsic to the spiritual model of humanity there must be a process for determining the intellectual quality of any idea.

Quality assurance of ideas within the spiritual model of humanity is as follows.

• The quality of any idea is intrinsic to the idea such that any statement of the idea implicitly resolves all underlying questions implied by the idea.

As a quality assurance process, peer review is inadequate to the degree that its adoption by academe, even in face of clear falsification (refer Popper) in 1996 by Alan Sokal, has led to the widespread distribution and acceptance of ideas of such a low intellectual standard as to be actually psychologically and socially destructive.

The failure of academe over the last 250 years is embedded in extremely poor judgement of quality thinking due almost entirely to adoption of peer review compounded by an individual academics search for status among peers and for funding among employment and granting institutions. A short list of failures includes Freud, Marx, Adam Smith, IQ determined by race, declaring quantum theory as science when it is only a powerful technology, identity politics, critical race theory, weak to very poor discussions on sociology compounding social tensions, causal failure and speculation beyond all reasoned considerations that our perception creates the universe, etc., etc. All these items are discussed more fully in papers in the appendix.

The projection is that unless global academe lifts its standard for assessing the intellectual quality of ideas, and actively accepts its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy as the protector of the quality of human ideation, establishing the verisimilitude of ideas beyond falsification, then humanity will continue to wallow in a sea of shallow, fractious nonsense.

Keywords: correct science of people, scientific general theory of psychology, simplicity other side of complexity

JEL Classification: A11, A12, A13, A14

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