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Table of Contents

The Effects of Job Relocation on Spousal Careers: Evidence from Military Change of Station Moves

Jeremy Burke, USC Center for Economic and Social Research
Amalia R. Miller, University of Virginia - Department of Economics

Rural Waste Management Issues at Global Level (Introductory Chapter)

Florin Constantin Mihai, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Department of Geography
Mohammad J. Taherzadeh, Independent

A Comparative Analysis of Strategic Competition in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific

Iraj Roudgar, Independent

Do Tourists Tip More Than Local Consumers? Evidence of Taxi Rides in New York City

Amir Borges Ferreira Neto, West Virginia University, Students
Adam Nowak, West Virginia University
Amanda Ross, West Virginia University - Department of Economics


"The Effects of Job Relocation on Spousal Careers: Evidence from Military Change of Station Moves" Free Download

JEREMY BURKE, USC Center for Economic and Social Research
AMALIA R. MILLER, University of Virginia - Department of Economics

We investigate the impact of military job relocation on spousal earnings and employment by creating a unique longitudinal database that tracks over 900,000 military spouses over the period 2001-2012, based on data from two administrative sources – military records on personnel and their dependents, and Social Security earnings records. This database allows us to estimate the effects of military change of station moves controlling for some key observable characteristics of the service-member and household and controlling for individual spouse fixed effects. We find that military moves cause a substantial decline in spousal earnings in the year of the move, on the order of $2,100, or 14% of average spousal earnings. Moves also increase the likelihood that the spouse has no earnings for the year. We find larger earnings reductions for moves that cross state lines, and for older spouses, male spouses, and those with young children. The career costs persist over time and spouses continue to experience significantly lower earnings 2 years after the move. This persistence, combined with the typical military member experiencing a change of station move every two or three years, may substantially limit the ability of military spouses to accumulate human capital over time.

"Rural Waste Management Issues at Global Level (Introductory Chapter)" Free Download
Mihai FC. and Taherzadeh M J. 2017. Rural waste management issues at global level (Introductory chapter) In: Mihai FC (ed) Solid Waste Management in Rural Areas. InTech Open .Croatia DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.70268 pp. 1-10

FLORIN CONSTANTIN MIHAI, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Department of Geography

This chapter intends to draw attention to solid waste management sector toward rural areas where bad practices and public health threats could be avoided through traditional and integrated waste management routes. The expansion of waste collection services across rural municipalities should be a priority for many countries. Agricultural and municipal waste diversion from wild dumps and open burning practices must be avoided through smart solutions at the local level which are cost-efficient particularly in developing countries. The book further examines, on the one hand, the main challenges in the development of reliable waste management practices across rural regions and, on the other hand, the concrete solutions and the new opportunities across the world in dealing with rural solid waste.

"A Comparative Analysis of Strategic Competition in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific" Free Download
J Def Manag, an open access journal, Volume 7, Issue 2 (2017)

IRAJ ROUDGAR, Independent

This study aimed to identify specific policies issues that contribute to the strategic competition in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. It comprised the grand strategies of Iran, China, and North Korea - as pivotal regional actors - reactions in response to the USA military presence in the Persian Gulf, South China Sea, and Korean Peninsula. The conflicting security between the American global interests and regional powers’ interests has brought a sustainable competition in the world. The strategic competition has resulted in conflicting security and conflicts of policy objectives at the regional and global levels. The results also indicated that geopolitical dominance and an ability to launch nuclear weapons are the principal reasons for the strategic competition.

"Do Tourists Tip More Than Local Consumers? Evidence of Taxi Rides in New York City" Free Download

AMIR BORGES FERREIRA NETO, West Virginia University, Students
ADAM NOWAK, West Virginia University
AMANDA ROSS, West Virginia University - Department of Economics

Given the resurgence of cities as consumer centers and the importance of amenities, we revisit the differences in tipping in taxis between tourists and locals in New York City. Taxi service is an endogenous amenity; however, taxis also contribute to the demand and provision of other amenities. Using data from the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, we find that tourists and theatergoers tip more than locals and non-theatergoers, and tourists who are theatergoers tip even more. These differences between tourists and locals may affect the allocation of taxis throughout the city, and hence the provision of other amenities.


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