"'What Can Black Americans Produce in Shabazzland? A Black American Supply and Use Table'" Free Download

BROOKS B. ROBINSON, BlackEconomics

"What Can Black Americans Produce in Shabazzland?" explores what Black Americans might produce in a homeland of our own -- using the infrastructure and technology available in the US and our own labor. Using a US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis 2015 Supply and Use Table and statistics on Black American employment by industry from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, we develop a Black American Supply and Use Table. The results confirm imbalances in supply and use due to imbalances in employment, yet show what Black Americans might produce in abundance, and where shortages might appear. The results also show which commodities Black Americans would likely import and export. This paper serves as a starting-point analysis for determining what a Black American economy might produce and consume if Shabazzland were founded -- given hypothetical infrastructure and technology. The results can be scaled to fit actual infrastructure and technology that might be available when Black Americans found our own nation.


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