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2 Jan 1997 through 29 May 2017

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 26,616 International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): Pros and Cons for Investors
Ray Ball
University of Chicago - Accounting
Date posted to database: 13 Sep 2006
Last Revised: 9 Mar 2009
2 24,367 The Subprime Crisis: Cause, Effect and Consequences
Richard Christopher Whalen
Economic Advisory Committee of FINRA
Date posted to database: 2 Apr 2008
Last Revised: 17 Jun 2008
3 19,378 Underwater and Not Walking Away: Shame, Fear and the Social Management of the Housing Crisis
Brent T. White
University of Arizona - James E. Rogers College of Law
Date posted to database: 27 Oct 2009
Last Revised: 9 May 2015
4 13,718 The Crisis of Fair Value Accounting: Making Sense of the Recent Debate
Christian Laux and Christian Leuz
Vienna University of Economics and Business and University of Chicago - Booth School of Business
Date posted to database: 21 Apr 2009
Last Revised: 11 Aug 2009
5 10,984 Slapped in the Face by the Invisible Hand: Banking and the Panic of 2007
Gary B. Gorton
Yale School of Management
Date posted to database: 18 May 2009
Last Revised: 18 May 2009
6 10,714 Hedge Funds, Systemic Risk, and the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008: Written Testimony for the House Oversight Committee Hearing on Hedge Funds
Andrew W. Lo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Sloan School of Management
Date posted to database: 17 Nov 2008
Last Revised: 2 Mar 2009
7 9,604 The Promise and Perils of Credit Derivatives
David A. Skeel and Frank Partnoy
University of Pennsylvania Law School and University of San Diego School of Law
Date posted to database: 13 Sep 2006
Last Revised: 20 Mar 2010
8 9,024 Did Securitization Lead to Lax Screening? Evidence from Subprime Loans
Benjamin J. Keys, Tanmoy K. Mukherjee, Amit Seru and Vikrant Vig
The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania, Real Estate Department, Sorin Capital Management, LLC, Stanford University and London Business School
Date posted to database: 3 Mar 2008
Last Revised: 11 Jan 2009
9 9,013 Corporate Governance in the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis: Evidence from Financial Institutions Worldwide
David H. Erkens, Mingyi Hung and Pedro P. Matos
Georgetown University - McDonough School of Business, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) and University of Virginia - Darden School of Business
Date posted to database: 29 Oct 2010
Last Revised: 13 Feb 2012
10 8,877 Regulating Bankers' Pay
Lucian A. Bebchuk and Holger Spamann
Harvard Law School and Harvard Law School
Date posted to database: 30 May 2009
Last Revised: 8 Oct 2010

RECENT TOP PAPERS for all papers first announced in the last 60 days
30 Mar 2017 through 29 May 2017

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 634 From FinTech to TechFin: The Regulatory Challenges of Data-Driven Finance
Dirk A. Zetzsche, Ross P. Buckley, Douglas W. Arner and Janos Nathan Barberis
ADA Chair in Financial Law / Inclusive Finance, University of Luxembourg, University of New South Wales (UNSW) - Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong - Faculty of Law and The University of Hong Kong - Faculty of Law
Date posted to database: 29 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 5 May 2017
2 358 The Impact of Brexit on Cross-Border Business of UK Credit Institutions and Investment Firms with German Clients
Heinrich Nemeczek and Sebastian Pitz
University of Basel and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer - Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
Date posted to database: 11 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 11 Apr 2017
3 282 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Quest for Consumer Comprehension
Lauren E. Willis
Loyola Law School Los Angeles
Date posted to database: 14 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 15 May 2017
4 222 Algorithmic Entities
Lynn M. LoPucki
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - School of Law
Date posted to database: 18 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 18 Apr 2017
5 181 Blockchain Applications and Fee Structure Developments in Private Investment Funds
Wulf A. Kaal
University of St. Thomas, Minnesota - School of Law
Date posted to database: 28 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 28 Apr 2017
6 178 The Regulation of Trading Markets: A Survey and Evaluation
Paul G. Mahoney and Gabriel V. Rauterberg
University of Virginia School of Law and University of Michigan Law School
Date posted to database: 19 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 19 Apr 2017
7 149 The Anatomy of European Investment Fund Law
Dirk A. Zetzsche
ADA Chair in Financial Law / Inclusive Finance, University of Luxembourg
Date posted to database: 13 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 13 Apr 2017
8 141 Do the FASB's Standards Add Shareholder Value?
Urooj Khan, Bin Li, Shivaram Rajgopal and Mohan Venkatachalam
Columbia Business School - Accounting, Business Law & Taxation, University of Texas at Dallas - Naveen Jindal School of Management, Columbia Business School and Duke University - Fuqua School of Business
Date posted to database: 8 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 8 Apr 2017
9 101 Loan Contracting in the Presence of Usury Limits: Evidence from Automobile Lending
Brian Melzer and Aaron Schroeder
Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management - Department of Finance and Independent
Date posted to database: 7 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 7 Apr 2017
10 89 Is Post-Crisis Bond Liquidity Lower?
Mike Anderson and René M. Stulz
George Mason University and Ohio State University (OSU) - Department of Finance
Date posted to database: 31 Mar 2017
Last Revised: 22 Apr 2017

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