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2 Jan 1997 through 27 Feb 2017

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1 236 What’s a Movie Worth? Determining the Monetary Value of Motion Pictures’ TV Rights
Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Mark B. Houston and Stefan Fuchs
University of Muenster, Texas Christian University and Unity Media Group
Date posted to database: 5 Mar 2012
Last Revised: 5 Mar 2012
2 154 Information Networks as a Safeguard from Opportunism in Industrial Supplier-Buyer Relationships
Heribert Gierl and Silke Bambauer
University of Augsburg - Department of Marketing and University of Augsburg
Date posted to database: 7 Nov 2003
Last Revised: 13 Sep 2004
3 112 A Purchasing Perspective of the Universal Marketing Functions
Jon Hawes, Thomas L. Baker and Michael F. d'Amico
affiliation not provided to SSRN, Clemson University and University of Akron - Department of Marketing
Date posted to database: 5 May 2010
Last Revised: 5 May 2010
4 109 An Archetypal Analysis for the Development of a Generalized Decision-Making Model in Groups as a Prerequisite for Productive Government and Leadership
George S. Spais and Stavros M. Theofanides
Hellenic Open University and Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences
Date posted to database: 7 Feb 2006
Last Revised: 28 Dec 2007

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29 Dec 2016 through 27 Feb 2017

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