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2 Jan 1997 through 10 Dec 2016

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 17,769 The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Estimating the Impact of Airbnb on the Hotel Industry
Georgios Zervas, Davide Proserpio and John Byers
Questrom School of Business, Boston University, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California and Boston University - Department of Computer Science
Date posted to database: 14 Dec 2013
Last Revised: 19 Nov 2016
2 5,001 War, Peace, or Stalemate: Wargames, Wardialing, Wardriving, and the Emerging Market for Hacker Ethics
Patrick S. Ryan
Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) - Interdisciplinary Center for Law and Information Technology (ICRI)
Date posted to database: 6 Sep 2004
Last Revised: 17 Feb 2015
3 3,729 Some Consequences of Globalization for Developing Countries
Erich Gundlach and Peter Nunnenkamp
University of Hamburg and University of Kiel
Date posted to database: 31 Oct 1996
Last Revised: 10 Jul 2014
4 3,195 User Patronage: The Return of the Gift in the 'Crowd Society'
Giancarlo F. Frosio
Stanford Law School, CIS
Date posted to database: 13 Sep 2015
Last Revised: 8 May 2016
5 3,103 The Impacts of Electronic Banking on Customer Satisfaction in Ethiopian Banking Industry (The Case of Dashen and Wogagen Banks in Gondar City)
Milion Assefa Tafa
Date posted to database: 14 Nov 2013
Last Revised: 14 Mar 2015
6 2,872 Branchless and Mobile Banking Solutions for the Poor: A Survey
Ahmed Dermish, Christoph Kneiding, Paul Leishman and Ignacio Mas
Bankable Frontier Associates, World Bank - Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), affiliation not provided to SSRN and Tufts University
Date posted to database: 24 Jan 2011
Last Revised: 17 Aug 2014
7 2,638 A Roadmap to the Smartphone Patent Wars and FRAND Licensing
Michael A. Carrier
Rutgers Law School
Date posted to database: 4 May 2012
Last Revised: 4 May 2012
8 2,613 An Economic Theory of Infrastructure and Commons Management
Brett M. Frischmann
Yeshiva University - Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Date posted to database: 14 Sep 2004
Last Revised: 23 Jun 2009
9 2,456 Making Climate-Science Communication Evidence-Based — All the Way Down
Dan M. Kahan
Yale University - Law School
Date posted to database: 14 Feb 2013
Last Revised: 16 Jul 2014
10 2,448 The Market Valuation of Biotechnology Firms and Biotechnology R&D
John R. M. Hand
University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School
Date posted to database: 20 Dec 2001
Last Revised: 25 Nov 2014

RECENT TOP PAPERS for all papers first announced in the last 60 days
11 Oct 2016 through 10 Dec 2016

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 739 Inventor Sued for Infringing His Own Patent. You Won't Believe What Happened Next
Mark A. Lemley
Stanford Law School
Date posted to database: 2 Dec 2016
Last Revised: 2 Dec 2016
2 302 Estate Planning for Digital Assets: Assigning Tax Basis and Value to Digital Assets
Elizabeth Ruth Carter
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge - Paul M. Hebert Law Center
Date posted to database: 14 Oct 2016
Last Revised: 25 Oct 2016
3 157 The Blockchain Revolution: An Analysis of Regulation and Technology Related to Distributed Ledger Technologies
Hossein Kakavand and Nicolette Kost De Sevres
Stanford University and NYSE Euronext - New York Stock Exchange
Date posted to database: 12 Oct 2016
Last Revised: 12 Oct 2016
4 58 The Uncharted Waters of Competition and Innovation in Biological Medicines
Erika Fisher Lietzan
University of Missouri School of Law
Date posted to database: 6 Oct 2016
Last Revised: 25 Oct 2016
5 56 3d Printing Technologies: Social Perspectives
Deborah Lupton
University of Canberra
Date posted to database: 7 Nov 2016
Last Revised: 7 Nov 2016
6 52 Alter-Ecologies: Envisioning Papal & Ecomodernist Nuclear Energy Policy Futures
Vincent Ialenti
Cornell University, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Anthropology
Date posted to database: 17 Nov 2016
Last Revised: 17 Nov 2016
7 49 From Theory to Practice: The Collaborative Model for Investing in Innovation and Energy
Jagdeep Singh Bachher, Ashby H. B. Monk and Rajiv Sharma
Alberta Investment Management Corp., Stanford University - Global Projects Center and Stanford University
Date posted to database: 8 Nov 2016
Last Revised: 8 Nov 2016
8 42 Unilateral Conduct and Standards
Daryl Lim
The John Marshall Law School
Date posted to database: 12 Nov 2016
Last Revised: 12 Nov 2016
9 39 Five Decades of Intellectual Property and Global Development
Peter K. Yu
Texas A&M University School of Law
Date posted to database: 21 Nov 2016
Last Revised: 21 Nov 2016
10 29 Amending Patent Eligibility
David O. Taylor
Southern Methodist University - Dedman School of Law
Date posted to database: 19 Oct 2016
Last Revised: 23 Nov 2016

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