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2 Jan 1997 through 29 Mar 2017

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 7,456 Search for Identity: Turkey's Identity Crisis
Semih Minareci
Date posted to database: 7 Nov 2008
Last Revised: 10 Dec 2008
2 5,903 Why Tolerate Religion?
Brian Leiter
University of Chicago
Date posted to database: 26 May 2006
Last Revised: 11 Sep 2007
3 4,904 'Islam is the Solution': Constitutional Visions of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood
Kristen Stilt
Harvard University, Law School, Students
Date posted to database: 21 May 2010
Last Revised: 26 Nov 2010
4 4,744 Female Ritual Healing in Mormonism
Jonathan A. Stapley and Kristine Wright
affiliation not provided to SSRN and Independent
Date posted to database: 3 Feb 2011
Last Revised: 3 Feb 2011
5 2,350 Islamic Banking in the UK: Challenges and Opportunities
Waseem Ahmad Langah
affiliation not provided to SSRN
Date posted to database: 25 Feb 2009
Last Revised: 25 Feb 2009
6 2,006 The Problem with Polygamy
Thom Brooks
Durham University
Date posted to database: 23 Jan 2009
Last Revised: 5 Jan 2015
7 1,986 What Causes Terrorism?
Daniel Meierrieks and Tim Krieger
University of Freiburg and University of Freiburg - Department of Economics
Date posted to database: 20 Jun 2008
Last Revised: 8 Feb 2010
8 1,869 A Comparative Analysis on Capitalism and Islamic Economic System
Meysam Salimi
Management and Science University (MSU) - Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies
Date posted to database: 10 Mar 2012
Last Revised: 10 Mar 2012
9 1,755 Islamic Mutual Funds as Faith-Based Funds in a Socially Responsible Context
Gianfranco Forte and Federica Miglietta
Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca - Department of Business Administration, Finance, Management and Law and University of Bari - Department of Business Studies and Private Law
Date posted to database: 10 Sep 2007
Last Revised: 24 Apr 2011
10 1,530 Foundations of Religious Liberty: Toleration or Respect?
Brian Leiter
University of Chicago
Date posted to database: 18 Sep 2009
Last Revised: 22 Jun 2010

RECENT TOP PAPERS for all papers first announced in the last 60 days
28 Jan 2017 through 29 Mar 2017

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 16 Codification and Islamic Law: The Ideology Behind a Tragic Narrative
Anver M. Emon
University of Toronto - Faculty of Law
Date posted to database: 2 Dec 2016
Last Revised: 2 Dec 2016

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