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2 Jan 1997 through 28 May 2017

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 2,184 Persecution Perpetuated: The Medieval Origins of Anti-Semitic Violence in Nazi Germany
Nico Voigtländer and Hans-Joachim Voth
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Anderson School of Management and University of Zurich - UBS International Center of Economics in Society
Date posted to database: 27 Apr 2011
Last Revised: 11 Oct 2012
2 1,990 A Diary of Ethno-Religious Crises in Nigeria: Causes, Effects and Solutions
Abubakar Abdulkadir
Airforce Secondary School
Date posted to database: 17 Apr 2012
Last Revised: 17 Apr 2012
3 1,946 The Crucible Within: Ethnic Identity, Self-Esteem, and Segmented Assimilation Among Children of Immigrants
Rubén G. Rumbaut
University of California, Irvine - Department of Sociology
Date posted to database: 7 Jul 2011
Last Revised: 7 Jul 2011
4 1,806 Gangstas, Thugs, and Hustlas: Identity and the Code of the Street in Rap Music
Charis E. Kubrin
University of California, Irvine
Date posted to database: 26 Mar 2012
Last Revised: 26 Mar 2012
5 1,659 Doubling Down: Inequality in Responsiveness and the Policy Preferences of Elected Officials
Christian R. Grose
University of Southern California
Date posted to database: 10 Apr 2014
Last Revised: 9 Dec 2016
6 1,547 Threats to Racial Status Promote Tea Party Support Among White Americans
Robb Willer, Matthew Feinberg and Rachel Wetts
Stanford University, University of Toronto and University of California, Berkeley
Date posted to database: 28 Apr 2016
Last Revised: 4 May 2016
7 1,116 France's Burning Issue: Understanding the Urban Riots of November 2005
Raphaël Canet and Maura Stewart
Faculty of Social Sciences - University of Ottawa and National University of Ireland, Galway - Department of French
Date posted to database: 19 Nov 2008
Last Revised: 28 Sep 2014
8 1,102 Critical Race Feminism Lifts the Veil? Muslim Women, France, and the Headscarf Ban
Adrien K. Wing and Monica Nigh Smith
University of Iowa - College of Law and Smith Law Offices, LLC
Date posted to database: 30 May 2008
Last Revised: 30 May 2008
9 996 American Indian Influence on the United States Constitution and its Framers
Robert J. Miller
Arizona State University (ASU) - Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
Date posted to database: 16 Jul 2008
Last Revised: 28 Aug 2008
10 931 Resurrection from Babel: The Cultural, Political, and Legal Status of Christian Communities in Lebanon and Syria and Their Prospects for the Future
Alexandra R. Harrington
Global Institute for Health and Human Rights
Date posted to database: 12 Nov 2008
Last Revised: 17 Nov 2008

RECENT TOP PAPERS for all papers first announced in the last 60 days
29 Mar 2017 through 28 May 2017

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 66 Politicizing Religion: The Impact of Religious Institutions on Voting in Israel
Michael Freedman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Department of Political Science
Date posted to database: 19 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 19 Apr 2017
2 51 The Afghan State: Internal Colonization, Ethnic Hegemony and Resistance
Javeed Ahwar
Utrecht University
Date posted to database: 15 May 2017
Last Revised: 15 May 2017
3 45 Is There a Place for Islam in the West? Adjudicating the Muslim Headscarf in Europe and the United States
Andrea Pin
University of Padua - Department of Public Law
Date posted to database: 11 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 11 Apr 2017
4 35 Why Majority Rights Matter in the Context of Ethno-Cultural Diversity: The Interlinkage of Minority Rights, Indigenous Rights, and Majority Rights
Dwight G. Newman
University of Saskatchewan College of Law
Date posted to database: 24 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 24 Apr 2017
5 25 Council of State of Belgium and the Ban on Wearing Religious Symbols at Public Schools (The Headscarves Judgement)
Sohail Wahedi
Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Erasmus School of Law
Date posted to database: 2 Apr 2017
Last Revised: 2 Apr 2017
6 20 Minorities and Counter-Terrorism Law
Ben Saul
The University of Sydney Law School
Date posted to database: 5 May 2017
Last Revised: 5 May 2017
7 16 Ethnic Politics and Ebola Response in West Africa
Souleymane Soumahoro
Date posted to database: 27 Mar 2017
Last Revised: 28 Mar 2017

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