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2 Jan 1997 through 21 Oct 2016

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 181,870 A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation
Meb Faber
Cambria Investment Management
Date posted to database: 11 Feb 2007
Last Revised: 3 Mar 2014
2 127,483 A Brief Introduction to the Basics of Game Theory
Matthew O. Jackson
Stanford University - Department of Economics
Date posted to database: 5 Dec 2011
Last Revised: 26 Sep 2015
3 118,675 Theory of the Firm: Managerial Behavior, Agency Costs and Ownership Structure
Michael C. Jensen and William H. Meckling
Social Science Electronic Publishing (SSEP), Inc. and Simon School, University of Rochester (Deceased)
Date posted to database: 19 Jul 1998
Last Revised: 18 May 2013
4 84,951 Market Efficiency, Long-Term Returns, and Behavioral Finance
Eugene F. Fama
University of Chicago - Finance
Date posted to database: 30 Apr 1997
Last Revised: 1 Dec 2002
5 58,057 Company Valuation Methods
Pablo Fernandez
University of Navarra - IESE Business School
Date posted to database: 22 Jul 2001
Last Revised: 17 Mar 2016
6 53,800 Option Traders Use (very) Sophisticated Heuristics, Never the Black–Scholes–Merton Formula
Espen Gaarder Haug and Nassim Nicholas Taleb
affiliation not provided to SSRN and NYU-Tandon School of Engineering
Date posted to database: 11 Sep 2007
Last Revised: 16 Nov 2012
7 42,503 Understanding the Subprime Mortgage Crisis
Yuliya S. Demyanyk and Otto Van Hemert
Federal Reserve Banks - Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Man AHL
Date posted to database: 10 Oct 2007
Last Revised: 20 Jun 2009
8 41,269 Value Maximization, Stakeholder Theory, and the Corporate Objective Function
Michael C. Jensen
Social Science Electronic Publishing (SSEP), Inc.
Date posted to database: 11 Apr 2000
Last Revised: 11 Dec 2012
9 38,944 Agency Cost Of Free Cash Flow, Corporate Finance, and Takeovers
Michael C. Jensen
Social Science Electronic Publishing (SSEP), Inc.
Date posted to database: 25 Mar 1999
Last Revised: 7 Aug 2006
10 38,036 Corporate Governance and Control
Marco Becht, Patrick Bolton and Ailsa Röell
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB), Columbia Business School - Department of Economics and Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs
Date posted to database: 31 Oct 2002
Last Revised: 1 Jul 2011

RECENT TOP PAPERS for all papers first announced in the last 60 days
22 Aug 2016 through 21 Oct 2016

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 1,069 Sharpening the Arithmetic of Active Management
Lasse Heje Pedersen
AQR Capital Management, LLC
Date posted to database: 7 Oct 2016
Last Revised: 14 Oct 2016
2 1,046 FinTech, RegTech and the Reconceptualization of Financial Regulation
Douglas W. Arner, Janos Nathan Barberis and Ross P. Buckley
University of Hong Kong - Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong - Faculty of Law and University of New South Wales (UNSW) - Faculty of Law
Date posted to database: 5 Oct 2016
Last Revised: 19 Oct 2016
3 793 Option Pricing Methods in the Late 19th Century
George Dotsis
University of Athens - Faculty of Economics
Date posted to database: 29 Aug 2016
Last Revised: 31 Aug 2016
4 792 How People Update Beliefs about Climate Change: Good News and Bad News
Cass R. Sunstein, Sebastian Bobadilla-Suarez, Stephanie C. Lazzaro and Tali Sharot
Harvard Law School, Affective Brain Lab, Department of Experimental Psychology, University College London, University College London - Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and University College London - Affective Brain Lab, Department of Experimental Psychology
Date posted to database: 2 Sep 2016
Last Revised: 2 Sep 2016
5 602 Trend Following: Equity and Bond Crisis Alpha
Carl Hamill, Sandy Rattray and Otto Van Hemert
Man AHL, Man AHL and Man AHL
Date posted to database: 30 Aug 2016
Last Revised: 30 Aug 2016
6 589 International Business and Entrepreneurship Implications of Brexit
Douglas J. Cumming and Shaker A. Zahra
York University - Schulich School of Business and University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - Carlson School of Management
Date posted to database: 19 Aug 2016
Last Revised: 19 Aug 2016
7 553 Mathematics and Economics: A Reality Check
Marcos Lopez de Prado
Guggenheim Partners, LLC
Date posted to database: 13 Aug 2016
Last Revised: 21 Aug 2016
8 551 90 Cents of Every 'Pay-For-Performance' Dollar Are Paid for Luck
Moshe Levy
Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Jerusalem School of Business Administration
Date posted to database: 13 Sep 2016
Last Revised: 13 Sep 2016
9 459 Does Interest Rate Exposure Explain the Low Volatility Anomaly?
Joost Driessen, Ivo Kuiper and Robbert Beilo
Tilburg University - Department of Finance, CentER Tilburg University and Independent
Date posted to database: 30 Aug 2016
Last Revised: 17 Oct 2016
10 422 Political Connections and the Informativeness of Insider Trades
Alan D. Jagolinzer, David F. Larcker, Gaizka Ormazabal and Daniel J. Taylor
University of Colorado - Leeds School of Business, Stanford University - Graduate School of Business, University of Navarra, IESE Business School and University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School
Date posted to database: 8 Sep 2016
Last Revised: 19 Sep 2016

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